How to make a music video with Ulead Video Studio!
by Vegetaholic

| Ulead Video Studio |


First things first, launch Video Studio. Your screen should look like this to the left. Here you click the piece of paper labeled on the picture to start a new project. It will open a window asking for template settings. Where it says project name, you put the desired name for your music video. I just use previous template from the choices at the right. That may be edited later to your specifications.


After doing the above on the top you should notice that the highlighted start button has moved to storyboard. Here is where you will be doing just about all of your editing. The area I have labeled here is where you chose what files to use. Make sure when you click on the down arrow it says video. Then click the film reel adjacent to it. Here is where you browse your pc for files that video studio can deal with. Select a file you want and click open.


Now you should be confronted with a new set of options. The top timer shows how long the selected clip is. The one below shows where you can mark the beginning of the clip you want to show in your video. The one below it ends where you mark out. In the second picture you can scroll through the movie and pick where your starting and ending points will lay. After you have marked out what parts of the clip you do not want in your video you are then ready to place them in the actual video. Now back to the first picture where the timers are.
You will see a number which is the volume of the clip you want. Most situations in a music video you won't want the clip to be making noise during your video, so turn it down to 0. The two buttons to the right of it control points of fading sound, in or out. So after tweaking the clip as you please move on to step 4. Keep in mind that you aren't directly editing/ruining the clip itself.


At this point, your clip should show up in the section I have marked. It will be the first frame as a thumbnail of your clip. Click it and drag it into the bottom part that is marked. Then, click the button that is boxed in on the picture. Now your screen should look like the second picture. Your chosen clip is now spread across a timeline where you can tell what point you have clips in your song.


Now, you can complete the previous steps, 3 and 4, once again. Now you're building your video up. Keep on placing clips in the timeline and fit it with the music as you like. My method is to have the song playing with a timer on it so I can tell where my clips are.


After your video is completed and you make sure it doesn't exceed the length of your song too much you are then ready to put special effects and other assorted things to implement into your video. Next click effects on the top. Now you can put them into your timeline to go with the clips. Experiment with these. I'm afraid I cannot help much with this part because I do not have it installed so I could save space.


Now you may add text to your videos where you see fit. Click title on the top and you are ready to apply text. On the text menu you may configure your text in many ways. To find out what something is place your cursor over it and it will tell you what it does. Click the big T to begin typing on your clip. The duration timer will set how long the text will stay on your video. The very bottom button there toggles how the text will appear. Once, again hover your cursor over each button to find out what specific one does what. Type up your text and place it down in the timeline at the bottom where you want it with your specific part.


This may be a confusing step so bare with me. Click voice at the top of the screen. This feature will allow you to narrate your video. My copy of video studio messed up so I have to put my song file in at this point. If yours screws up as well then open your song file here. Drag your selected file to the voice part of the timeline. This is very similar to the video editing part, do it the same way. And don't forget, if you get confused, put your cursor over something for an explanation.


Now click on music at the top. Here is where you are supposed to put your mp3 or wav file into the music section of the timeline. So treat this like any other section, storyboard or voice and place the song into the timeline accordingly. Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Your video is about done. Now, all you have to do is encode it in your desired format.


Now the 10th and final step. Depending how you want your files is up to you. But here are a few tidbits of info. Click finish on the top. You may want to come here often to save your video as you go. You can save at the bottom circle on the picture. The one above it you click and it will allow you to render your movie in one file with sound to make your video a success. Some formats may take over an hour to encode, others 5 minutes. Be patient. In the second picture you can see where I specified where to change format types. I like asf files. Most people like real player files. To make real player files, if video studio's won't work for you, they don't work for me, then you must encode the file as an avi and use real producer to make them real player files. Unfortunately, asf encoding won't work on here for me either. So, if your stuff works then feel free to make files as you please. Step 10 complete. Now I will explain how to encode a simple real player file. Save the file as an avi, you don't have to mess with the options except to pick the size of the movie screen. But you need to go to the compression tab and make sure that audio is on about cd quality. At least 64 kbps and 44.1 frequency. After you encode the avi, which takes a long time, launch real producer from From there you can click ok then follow along the windows and customize your video as you want it. Put the stream at LAN or the first cable/dsl setting. That will allow for excellent quality files and small size. After that is done click start in the bottom left and it's encoded. Watch and enjoy.