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DivX Codec 6.2.5 - www.divx.com
released 2006-06-16


- A new "Sharpening" post-processing feature that enhances texture and sharpens any DivX 3, 4, 5 or 6 video.
- Optimizations for decoding and post-processing.
- Performance enhancements for post-processing on HT, SMP, and dual core processors.
- More info...

VirtualDub 1.6.15 stable (Build 24442) - www.virtualdub.org
released 2006-06-28

[Bugs fixed]

- Added workaround for BMP files with bad BITMAPINFOHEADER::bfSize fields.
- Added workaround for TARGA files with run-length encodings that span scanlines (not allowed by spec).
- Fixed abort confirm and disk I/O options not saving consistently.
- Warnings, particularly the VBR warning, are now displayed after opening a file through command-line arguments.
- Fixed crash when VirtualDub.jobs file is not writable.
- Fixed crash when dealing with RLE4 and RLE8 encoded videos.
- Fixed stride error with odd-width TARGA files.
- Fixed occasionally oversized wave format structure being written when decompressing audio.
- The "autoselect" input color format now also tries 256 color mode in order to support old codecs that can only output this format.
- Capture: Switched graph construction code in DirectShow layer to prefer Video Renderer over VMR to avoid Direct3D.
- AMD64: Fixed one-byte PUSH/POP instructions reporting incorrect registers in disassembly.
- AMD64: Fixed field swap filter.

XviD 1.1.0 30122005 - www.xvid.org - www.koepi.org
released 2005-12-30


- Improved Low bitrate quality
- Improved VBV support
- Rate-Distortion mode decision for bvops
- New postprocessing functions, brightness and deringing
- New PowerPC port by Christoph Naegeli
- Brand new amd64 Linux 64bit port by Andre Werthmann
- Various decoder and encoder speedups
- A few bugs squashed

[VFW frontend]

- Mingw/CygWin support
- Various small improvements
- A few bugs squashed

[DShow frontend]

- Mingw/CygWin support
- Support for brightness control
- Various small improvements
- A few bugs squashed

TMPGEnc 2.524 - www.tmpgenc.net/e_main.html
released 2004-12-16

[New features]

- Changed: The formats for the project file and the template file have been changed. Therefore, project created with the new version cannot be used with older versions.
- Added: [Project wizard (Step 4/5)]: in the media pull-down selection, DVD 8.5 GB (Double Layer) has been added, for the bitrate setting and size graph.
- Changed: In the MPEG system multiplexer, the max. bitrate is written instead of the average bitrate for the multiplexing rate. It shortens the outputting process.
- Improved: [MPEG Setting - GOP structure]: Even if Closed GOP is not selected, the GOP structure is now compliant with the MPEG standard.
- Improved: Image quality for MPEG-1 with long-GOP, has been improved.
- Improved: Encoding of scenes using still-image, has been improved. Fixed: Errors related with encoding using multi-thread.
- Improved: The encoding of MPEGs with GOP structure using only I and B pictures, has been improved.

RealProducer® 10 - www.realnetworks.com
released 2004-04-07

[New features]

- RealVideo 10
- RealAudio 10
       - Improved Broadband Stereo Music
       - 5.1 Multi-Channel Audio Codec
       - Lossless Audio Codec
- Multiple Outputs for a single encoding job
- Parallel Input Support (separate audio and video source files)
- Enhanced Load Management
- Encoding Complexity
- File Rolling for large clips
- Audio Delay Compensation Prefilter
- Video Resize Prefilter
- New command line options
       - Video Codec (-vco)
       - Encoding Complexity (-eco)
- Extensible Job File Format
- ActiveX Control SDK Support
- Mach-O Macintosh OS X SDK Compiler Compatibility