The following list of techniques comes from the original Dragon Ball japanese manga and from minor magazines of information. For each technique/attack you can find an animated GIF capured directly from the anime (thanks to our friends Majin Vegeta SSJ2 and Chibi Goku who made them!) or a scanned image from the manga, that show the execution of the same.
You only have to click on the preview to see the integral version! ^___^

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Technique name
Used by


Akkumaitokosen or Akuma Kousen
Special attack used by Akkuman against Goku in order to hit his heart so to increase the evil inside it and cause its explosion. This technique will have no effect on Goku since his heart doesn't have any spite!
Akkuman (one of the 5 warriors of Baba)


Special attack done with two fingers, forefinger and middle finger, it can destroy a wide area around the opponent.

The most powerful attack by Piccolo Daimao, a very powerful beam flows from his hand, after he concentred his energy as much as he can.
Piccolo Daimao

This technique consists in using his own energy in order to generate a barrier around his body to defend from enemies' attacks.
Freeza, #17, Cell, Babidi, Vegeth, Bojack, Majin Buu, Vegeta, Broly

Big Bang Attack or Bigu Ban Ataku
Vegeta's special attack... the Saiyan stretches his arm out, powers up and from the palm of his hand a very powerful beam flows out.
It's a very destructive power.

Big Bang Kamehameha or Bigu Ban Kame-Hame Ha
This attack is used by SSJ4 Gogeta (SSJ4 Goku + SSJ4 Vegeta) in DBGT against Li Shenron, it's the sum of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack and Goku's Kamehameha.
Only a shot will not be enough to eliminate the opponent and there will be no time to try it again since the fusion will end with no possibility to be repeated.
SSJ4 Gogeta

Blue's Psychic Ability or Chou Nou Ryoku
General Blue's psychic capability who, by staring at his opponent, shoots at him a paralysing beam. He can also move objects.
General Blue

Body Change or Bode Ichienji
Special technique used by Ginyu who, by concentrating his energy, is able to exchange his body with the one of his opponent in order to take advantage from greater potentiality.
Ginyu (Ginyu Force)

It's the capability to fly by using the Ki. At first this technique was used only by Tenshinhan and Jiaozi, then it was learnt also by all the Z Warriors, but Yajirobei, Muten and Mr. Satan.
All the Z Warriors (but Yajirobe, Muten and Mr. Satan)

Bunkai Teleportation (Instantaneous Movement)
Technique of teleport, used by Janenba in movie 12, that consists in moving by disintegrating his own body in many cubes that will instantaneously reunite in another place. With this technique Janenba moves and modifies the dimensions instead that the time.

Burning Attack
Future Trunks' special attack. He stretches his hands towards the sky, moves them to the front and a powerful energy beam flows from them.
Future Trunks


Chikyuu hou Kai No ichi Geki (The Blow That Caused the Earth to Cave In)
The powerful energy attack Kid Buu uses to blow up the Earth.
Kid Buu

It's Piccolo's best energy attack, best known as "Gekiretsukodan" in DBZ video games. It consits in a very powerful energy beam from his hands.

This is a very particular technique used by Jiaozi who stretches both his hands forward and immobilizes his opponent by cousing him an internal pain.

Crusher Ball (Kuraya Boru)
It's a very powerful energy ball, hurled with a hand by Jeeth, very similar to the small Genkidama that Goku gave to Kuririn to hurl at Vegeta during the Saiyans Saga.
Jeeth (Ginyu Force)