Here it is the only existing OAV of DBZ. actually now we know that it is not an OVA (or OAV whichever) but some footage from a Playdia video game. It was a Bandai production based on FMV (Full Motion Video) that some fans thought to tape on two VHS.

Original Japanese Title: Dragon Ball Z: Saiya-jin Zetsu Metsu Keikaku
1st VHS "Chikyuu Hen" and 2nd VHS "Uchuu Hen"
English Translation: Dragon Ball Z: The Plan to Destroy the Saiya-jin
1st VHS "Earth Story" and 2nd VHS "Space Story"
Director: Shingausu Yamauchi
Guide: Takao Koyama
Publisher: BANDAI
Japanese Release Date:
1st VHS on September, 1994
2nd VHS on December, 1994
Original Price: each VHS ¥4800


       Dr. Raichi is the only survivor of Tsufurus, who once lived on Planet Plant, before the coming of Saiyans. They, not only massacred the entire Tsufuru-jin, but also stole their technologies and conquered the planet renaming it Vegeta, in honor of their king. But Raichi managed to escape with a capsule and found refuge on a nearby planet where he lives with the only wish to... have his revenge on Saiyans! Come poi sappiamo arriverā Freezer a compiere lo sterminio del pianeta Vegeta... ma questa č un'altra storia! As we know, then Freeza will come to commit the destruction of Planet Vegeta... but this is another story! Raichi is producing the clones of the strongest fighters who faced the "Earthling" Saiyans, cas Slug, Tares, Coola and Freeza himself, and some other creatures, less dangerous but still tiresome. Goku and his friends are attacked at Capsule Corp. by these strange creatures, namely Skud and Kintarn. During the fight, Goku discovers he cannot use his special powers; Dr. Raichi, in fact, more clever than what he seems, installed some special devices nearby that prevent Goku to use all his powers. But the Saiyans do not give up and start to destroy all these devices one after the other, till they get to the last one that is defended by Slug, Tares, Coola and Freeza. The fights are: Gohan vs Tares, Trunks vs Freeza; Goku vs Cooler and Piccolo vs Slug. Vegeta's decided not to intervene because he believes it's not worth to fight against some clones. But things don't go as they hope; in fact, Dr. Raichi has installed inside the clones a device that allows them to regenerate themselves when they're about to be destroyed (just like Piccolo, we may say)! The only way to beat them is to get rid of them in the same way the original ones have been defeated the first time. So the clones are destroyed one after the other. Then it comes Dr. Raichi's turn.... With a star ship of Capsule Corp. they reach his planet and defeat him without a hitch. But before he died, Dr. Raichi manages to activate his supreme creation, Hachi Hiaku. The situation seems really impossible, the monster fights against the Saiyans without any trouble. But, as it uses to be said, unity is strength and thanks to a single powerful attack, resulting from the union of each Saiyan's utmost power, they kill once and for all the last Tsufuru (or better the last but one! ^_^).


We searched for it for days and finally found the entire OAV "Dragon Ball Z: Saiya-jin Zetsu Metsu Keikaku" in high quality!!! Unluckily these were released only in Japan in 1994 and were available around the Web in Japanese or somewhere with English subtitles hard to read. But lately someone re-encoded it providing a High Quality version of the footage and distributed it using file-sharing programs. Therefore many DB fans (how could we miss?!) strove to make it comprehensible to most people using subtitling system. Then here is the final result: a work that involved (directly or indirectly) many people. The OVA was released in two parts, so we provided it in two files just like the original VHS version. Because of its large size, we decided to share it using BitTorrent system!
We told the OAV has high quality footage but... that's not all about it... it's subbed (and you can choose the language you prefer) in Italian, English and Catalan!

This is the link to our tracker, where you can find the torrent file needed to start the download...

Excuse me if I have not yet personalized it! I'll do it when possible, later! ^^"
Many thanks to #Anime-Element and #Anime Keys for distributing the video, Leowong1 for encoding it, RZ Productions for the English translation, and Self Bias Resistor and Kamanohashi fansub, for the Catalan subtitles. The rest was made by Dragon Ball Arena, whether it is good or bad! ^__-
Nothing more to say than enjoy with it and stay online for the 2nd part the next week!

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