Our friend Frassj thought that it would have been a good idea to create a list where we can search the music video archive by our favourite songs... so here it is! Many thanks Frassj! ^__^

Artist/Band/Film/Game Song Music Videos Creators
A-Team A-Team Opening Theme Sephyre-Zeroverge
ADAM feat. Amy Zombie Xharas
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Can Can Meri
Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal
(Michael Jackson Cover)
Majin Dread Z
Andrew W.K. Ready to Die FraChan
Apartment 26 Give Me More Bauzi & MAC
Audio Adrenaline Some Kind of Zombie C-Michael Rafano aka Azrael
Avantasia The Seven Angels gotenks87 @
Dream Music Videos
Avril Lavigne Forgotten

I'm With You
Rava @
Dream Music Videos
Ayumi Hamasaki Whatever Thamara @
Special Guest Star
Beatsteaks Panic Danny Tanda aka Senzu Danny
Blink 182 Adam's Song Evil Trunks
Bloodhound Gang I Hope You Die Stratos @
Dream Music Videos
Blur Song 2 Kirunks
Bomfunk MC's Freestyler Danny Tanda aka Senzu Danny
Bryan Adams When You Love Someone Ellen
Bus Stop Kung Fu Fighting (Bus Stop Mix) Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Carl Orff Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi dalla "Carmina Burana" valssj4
Coco Lee A Love Before Time Aaronlye-Sandrock Productions
Cyndi Lauper True Colors Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Cradle of Filth Dance Macabre (Instrumental) T.R. Trunks @
Dream Music Videos
David Usher Black Black Heart (Version 2) Spacefille
Disturbed Liberate Akira
DJ Molella Discotek People valssj4
Dream Night of Fire Majin Anarchey
Drowning Pool Bodies
Rise Up
FutureTrunks @
Dream Music Videos
Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie The Man Without Fear SSJVegeta17
Stratos @
Dream Music Videos
E.S. Posthumus Pompeii
Fluxmeister NHMK
Fluxmeister NHMK
Eagle Eye Cherry Save Tonight Evil Trunks
Electric Light Orchestra The Fall Lostboy
Elvis Presley Hound Dog Lonley Driver
E-Rotic Moolight Shadow (E-Rotic Remix) OmniStrata
E-Type Here I Go Again Mysterice
Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. Protecters (Instrumental) cyuson @
Special Guest Star
Fatboy Slim Right Here Right Now Aaron
Filter & Crystal Method (Can't You) Trip Like I Do Hito - istiv
Final Fantasy VII Death of Aeris Kirunks
From Autumn to Ashes Short Stories With Tragic Endings Vegetaholic
Garbage Number One Crush
When I Grow Up
Fluxmeister NHMK
Steve Pope - The Grayplague
Godsmack I Stand Alone Fuze
Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Guano Apes Open Your Eyes Stratos @
Dream Music Videos
Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl O.S.T. - Barbosa is hungry Chari
Harry Gregson-Williams Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme Aaronlye-Sandrock Productions
Hokuto No Ken Tough Boy Castor Troy
Iron Maiden Blood Brothers Gan_HOPE326 @
Dream Music Videos
Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Anneke - Baka Deshi Productions!
John Bon Jovi It's My Life Aaron
John Williams Duel of the Fates Kirunks
Klank Downside
Downside (Bleeding Born Mix)
Korn Let's Get This Party Started Fluxmeister NHMK
Limp Bizkit Behind Blue Eyes

My Generation
My Way
Creamer (Radio Is Dead)
gotenks87 @
Dream Music Videos
Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Fluxmeister NHMK
jethropr (Travis) @
Special Guest Star
Linkin Park A Place For My Head
Bleed It Out

Breaking The Habit


Cure For The Itch
From The Inside

One Step Closer

Pushing Me Away

Somewhere I Belong
Stratos @
Dream Music Videos
rantogo @
Special Guest Star
Roy "Kenshin" Heiser
Shamankinghao @
Dream Music Videos
Morpheus X
Belaio Marx @
Dream Music Videos
Danny Tanda aka Senzu Danny
Lonestar I'm Already There Danny Poo
Loretto Reid & Brian Taheny An Emigrant's Daughter SQ-ANIMETRIC PRODUCTIONS
Lunatic Calm Leave You Far Behind Supreme Vegita
M.C. Hammer U Can't Touch This Bote
Machine Head The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Madonna Frozen MokelaZT
Marilyn Manson The Fight Song
The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)
Fluxmeister NHMK
Morpheus X
Metallica Die Die My Darling
No Leaf Clover
Stone Cold Crazy
The Unforgiven II
Lord Steal
Spirit of the Fear
Mindless Self Indulgence Hail Satan Astro Glidewell (acomalass)
Lord Steal
Motorhead Born to Raise Hell
Time to Play the Game
Morpheus X
Move Destiny TORIZENON @
Special Guest Star
Mudvayne Happy? $haft 2.0 @
Dream Music Videos
Muse Showbiz gotenks87 @
Dream Music Videos
Nelly Ride Wit Me (Featuring City Spud) Abaddon Studios
New Found Glory Crazy Boy Meri
Nick Skitz Excalibur Morpheus X
Nickleback Breathe

Flat on the Floor
Winry @
Dream Music Videos
Majin Steve87
Stratos @
Dream Music Videos
Nikki French Total Eclipse of the Heart OmniStrata
Nine Inch Nails Just Like You Imaginated (Instrumental) Antagonist
Oleander Are You There? Aaron
Offspring All I Want
Come Out Swinging
Dammit, I Changed Again

Staring at the Sun
The Kids Aren't Alright

The Meaning of Life
Evil Trunks
Saijo @
Dream Music Videos
Lord Steal
Jacopo Orso @
Dream Music Videos
Our Lady Peace Are You Sad Vegetolo
Overseer Supermoves Morpheus X
P.O.D. Satellite Juidar
Papa Roach Between Angels and Insects Ingow
Pat Benatar Invincible Hot Fudge Productions
Patti Rothberg Kung Fu Fighting Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli
Powerman 5000 Bombshell SSJVegeta17
Puddle Of Mudd Blurry Juidar
Prodigy Mindfields Supreme Vegita
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
Who Wants To Live Forever
Rage Wake The Nightmares
(Falling from Grace: Pt.1)
Mifnar Daegor
Rage Against The Machine Wake Up Kirunks
Rammstein Feuer Frei!
Wollt Irh Das Bett in Flammen Sehen?
Hito - istiv
Rancid Dead Bodies Steve Pope - The Grayplague
Raphsody of Fire Tears of a Dying Angel Francesca Rinaldi @
Dream Music Videos
Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters Hot Fudge Productions
Reveille Look at Me Now
What You Got
Majin Steve87
Rob Zombie Superbeast Akira
Saliva Always
Weight of the World
Sarah Brightman Eden Danny Tanda aka Senzu Danny
Morpheus X
Scooter Fire
One (Always Hardcore)
Scorpions Wind of Change Bote
Scorpions with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Still Loving You EnDarkEnd Studios
Slipknot I Am Hated
My Plague (New Abusive Mix)
Zero FX
Lord Steal
Simone Benyacar / Dan Nielsen / Veigar Mairgersson Requiem for a Tower Atonyk15
Simple Plan Me Against The World Kenny_Kendall
Sister Sledge We Are Family Fluxmeister NHMK
Snot Snot RYS
Soul Asylum Misery Frankie MacLean AKA Beef
SpineShank Negative Space Nandez
SR-71 Goodbye Francesca Rinaldi @
Dream Music Videos
Stabbing Westward The Thing I Hate (P.O.M.F.) NeoGohan
Static-X Push It dcdeveloperx
Story of the Year Until the Day I Die Master_Gohan22
Stefano Colaci @
Dream Music Videos
Sum 41 Grab The Devils By The Horns...

Over My Head

Pain For Pleasure

Still Waiting

The Hell Song
There's No Solution

We're All To Blame
[LoDS] @
Dream Music Videos
Rage @
Dream Music Videos
{_Riddick_} @
Dream Music Videos
Shaman @
Dream Music Videos
Majin Steve87
{_Riddick_} @
Dream Music Videos
Stefano Colaci @
Dream Music Videos
System of a Down Bounce

Chop Suey!
Fuck the System
Majin Steve87
Shamankinghao @
Dream Music Videos
Majin Steve87
T.A.T.U. All The Things She Said Simone
The Fray How to save a life Fuze
The Lord of the Rings
The Two Towers
Requiem for a Dream
FutureTrunks @
Dream Music Videos
The Rasmus Guilty Fuze
They Might Be Giants Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Particle Man

She's Actual Size
Tiny Toons Music Television @
Special "PARTICLE MAN" Day
Ginga Giri Giri @
Special "PARTICLE MAN" Day
Jeff Clegg @
Special "PARTICLE MAN" Day
madmank5 @
Special "PARTICLE MAN" Day
MrPsycohed @
Special "PARTICLE MAN" Day
Tiny Toons Music Television @
Special "PARTICLE MAN" Day
Trans-Siberian Orchestra feat. Metallica Carol of the Bells (Instrumental) kandelon
(Tsuneo Imahori)
"H.T." Trigun Opening Kirunks
Two-Mix Rhythm Emotion
Rhythm Generation
(Red Monster Mix)
Dan Milliken - Outlawed
U2 Pride (In the Name of Love) Ellen
Usa for Africa We Are The World toff
Utah Saints Utah Saints Take on the Theme
from Mortal Kombat
West Side Story (1961) Original Soundrack
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
I Feel Pretty Lonley Driver
(Yasunori Mitsuda)
The Miracle
Yanni Adagio in C Minor Turboneko Studios
Yellowcard Miles Apart
Way Away
Yôko Shimomura Parasite Eve (Instrumental) The7thKeeper @
Special Guest Star