The games section... here there are collected all the roms of the games dedicated to Dragon Ball you may find on the Web. Notice... I've said all the roms... not all the games!!! Download folks, download!!!

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In order to download the files in this section you have to disable all your download manager (GetRight, DAP, NetPumper...).

The emulation affair for PSX is not so easy... many times the proper running of a games depends from the video card installed on your PC, that, in order to play these games, must be quite upgraded!
With this emulator (the best one you can find on the web) and with a little bit of luck you will be able to enjoy these games on your PC!

BIOS PSX (scph1000.bin) DOWNLOAD
BIOS PSX (scph1001.bin) DOWNLOAD
BIOS PSX (scph7502.bin) DOWNLOAD

Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Battle 22

This is the first game for PlayStation dedicated to Dragon Ball Z; it is not very easy to play actually and also the graphic is not one of the best, but the fact that you can use 22 characters of the Z serie (+5, included Gogeta with a cheat) may worth to buy it!

Dragon Ball Z - Legends

This game follow the Z series story. It is different from the other fighting, because here you can choose up to three fighters in order to face your opponents, who also can be three! Also the fighting must be chosen following the story. Same thing for the special techniques and the energy levels. Probably the best game about Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball - Final Bout

Here is the last PlayStation game dedicated to Dragon Ball that included and the Z characters and the GT ones; it is not very easy to play and the 3D graphic is not very good at all, but, thanks to some cheats, you can even use Son Goku Super Saiyan 4... quite a good reason for buying it!

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