We could not miss this Neko Majin section! This is a series collecting some one-shot stories Akira Toriyama dedicated to a strange fat cat... These stories, first published on Monthly Shonen Jump, have been collected in a volume titled "Nekomajin" with the same styling as the latest DB release.

The volume seems to be divided in a Neko Majin section, with 4 chapters where our protagonist meet some different guys, and a Nero Majin Z part, where we enjoy to see in action some DB characters in the next 5 stories... That's the reason why we chose to show them! ^_-

Neko Majin Z

Neko Majin Z 2

Neko Majin Z 3
(Jap scans)

Neko Majin Z 3
(Eng scanlations)

Neko Majin Z 4

Neko Majin Z 5