Ever wondered what Vegeta's name means or wanted to know how to write and spell in out in Japanese? Well, this is your stop!
from Ginga GIRI GIRI!!! site

Spellings: First of all, I go with the name "Vegeta" because it's an obvious pun on the word vegetable. All of the Saiya-jins are named after vegetables, so that makes it easy to understand. The Japanese spelling of the name is "Bejiita" because there is no "V" in the Japanese alphabet and "i" makes an "e" sound. The double "i" is for an "ee" type sound. The other spellings are...

Bejita: I guess people like to write it without the other "i"

Vejita: like above, just with a "V"

Bejeeta: the way Nippon Golden Network subbed it

Vegita: name without the extra "i" but with a V

Vejiita: katakana romanization with the "V" instead of the "B"

How to write "Vegeta, Bejiita": Since "Bejiita" is a foreign word (which means trying to write words in other languages in Japanese or words that don't mean anything in Japanese!) it would have to be written out in katakana.

The romanji name is "Bejiita", now here's how you write it in katakana...

Now here's what each of the katakana means...

"Be" the e makes an "ay" sound so it would sound like "Beh"
"ji" the i makes an "e" sound
"i" The "-" means to repeat the last letter of the last symbol. Since the last letter of "ji" was "i", that would me we would repeat it to make the long "ee" sound
"ta" this would make a "tah" sound.

So you would pronounce it "Beh-jee-tah" and spell it out as "Bejiita" in Japanese. I hope that helps on how to write his name and what it means! ^_^