Welcome to the "Favorite Moments" section. What are some of my favorite Vegeta moments? Well, I have alot, so here they are!
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Saiyans Saga

The Elite Speech: I really like this part in the japanese version and I don't know why FUNimation had to change it to something where Vegeta asked Goku to join him. Vegeta's speech about him being elite and Goku having no chance was SO GOOD. It proves that Vegeta has alot of pride and is not ready to be talked down upon.

The Mountain Burst: I love this scene no matter which version of it I watch. Ryo and Brian just scream so well when they break out of the mountain.

Freeza Saga

Zarbon's Death: this scene was so brutal in the manga and it looks even better in the manga. The anime version (Japanese and American) of it is so SLOW and so half-assed compared to the manga version. Vegeta just socking through Zarbon's stomach looks so cool and even better is how he fires the final blast with his hand still in Zarbon's belly. The manga version of it is SOOOOO sweet, you gotta see it!

Jeice's Death: if chopping Jeice's side wasn't enough, Vegeta also makes an extremely COOL smirk as he blasts Jeice. This was an extremely stylish and badass looking death scene.

Locking hands with Freeza: even when someone as powerful as Freeza rushing at him, Vegeta was able to catch both of Freeza's hands to hold him at bay. This scene looked so cool because it showed that Vegeta had the power to hold off a very powerful villian.

The Back Blast: although it was somewhat low hitting someone from behind, Vegeta pulled off a display of cleverness and ruthlessness. You never know what tricks Vegeta has up his sleeve!

Androids and Cell Saga

His first SSJ Transformation: one of my all time favorite scenes. I love the way how Vegeta asks the androids if they can feel fear and suprises them by becoming a Super Saiya-jin. This scene just kicked ass!

The Big Bang Attack: probably my all time favorite scene in all of DBZ, Vegeta displays his awesome power as an SSJ. Everything about this scene was so perfect! The dialouge was excellent, Ryo Horikawa's line delivery was great and the animation just kicked ass! This is a priceless Vegeta moment and you gotta see it in japanese! ^__^

Fight against Cell form 2: not much explanation here, Vegeta just beats the crap out of him in a very stylish way.

Majin Buu Saga

Majin Vegeta: definitely one of my all time favorite parts in all of DBZ. Majin Vegeta is just pure evil and RUTHLESS. From killing 2 crowds of people and smacking Goku around, it just doesn't get any better than that. Not to mention his sad and emotional goodbye to his family. The Majin Vegeta part just had everything a Vegeta fan could hope for.

DBZ Movie #6

Do or Die: Even when Kooler talks smack to Vegeta's face, Vegeta ain't gonna take that lying down.

Big Bang Attack: "Kusotare!!! Big Bang Attack!!!" This part just sounds too cool! ^__^

DBZ Movie #7

Vegeta's Entrance: Now this is just too cool. Vegeta breaks through a whole ice mountain declaring he's the one going to destroy Goku. This scene just looks TOO cool.

The clash between #15 and Vegeta: I really like the way this looked and when the clash part was over, I wasn't certain who was gonna win. But to my suprise, Vegeta emerged victorius.

DBZ Movie #8

Vegeta declares his reign: Even though he had no chance against Brolly, the legendary Super Saiya-jin, Vegeta declared that he was the ruler of all Saiya-jins. Even when up against impossible odds, Vegeta still tried to declare his authority in power.

DBZ Movie #9

Vegeta's Entrance: This one was like his Movie 7 entrance, but a bit different. Trunks is being held captive by Pujin and Bido's energy strings and then suddenly Trunks is freed as his someone throws his sword towards him (Awesome looking scene by the way) then the roof of one building blows up (Another cool explosion) and guess who begins to rise from that? Vegeta! The MAN makes another awesome entrance!

DBZ Movie #12

Vegeta refuses to fuse: This one is pretty hilarious. Vegeta tells Goku that he'd rather die than fuse with him, but Goku already reminds him that they're already dead. ^__^

Fat Gogeta: No explanation needed here, this scene was just too damn hilarious.

Gogeta: "I am neither Goku or Vegeta, but I am the instrument of your defeat!"

DBZ Movie #13

The whole time Vegeta is there: Bah, why couldn't Vegeta be in this movie longer? He's just there for 5 minutes and gets his ass kicked by Hildegarn. Vegeta did make a pretty cool flying rush at him though.