Dragon Ball was born in the far-off year of 1984 as a comic strip in Weekly Shonen Jump #51. But look at how much stuff came out from that simple strip... The manga volumes, TV series, videogames, calendars, cards, movies, GT series and every type of gadget! Dragon Ball Arena always tried to give you more info about Akira Toriyama's work! So a special section dedicated to "DB guides" could not be missing: they will reveal all Dragon Ball mysteries starting from those little pearls of wisdom, the Daizenshuu, until reaching the two recent Dragonball LANDMARK and Dragonball FOREVER, published by Shueisha Inc. to celebrate the new Japanese DB release. This latest version of the manga, Dragonball Perfect Edition, is composed by 34 volumes (Kanzenban), with new red covers and a new four-page, full-color ending drawn by Akira Toriyama himself!

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Yoshio SAWAY, March 14, 1977
"When I was a child, I liked Dragon Ball more than everything else. I often thought that if I could read DB, I didn't care for other fun. When I had a car accident, I thought I didn't want to die until I had read the following DB comic. There are so many touching scenes in Dragon Ball. I was very touched when I saw Nappa blasting Tenshinhan's arm. To tell the truth, I didn't think Nappa was so strong and I didn't eat anything that day... Now, when I look at the past, I see that DB absorbed 90 per cent of my life. If I didn't know DB, my life would have been dull. I'm grateful to Dragon Ball and Toriyama Sensei. I read DB again recently and I think it is always enjoyable. DB forever will be number 1 in my mind."
Thanks to Keiko for the translation!

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