Hello to everyone! ^^ Welcome to this special section of Dragon Ball Arena, whose purpose is to go to find Goku and all Dragon Ball characters where no one would have never thought that he could meet them! ^^ Oh yeah... because this Toriyama's work is so famous that its protagonists are mentioned, or imitated in their moves or techniques, inside many other animes/mangas and sometimes they even appear themselves! And so, we are here to show you all those "extra" appearances of our favourite heroes! ^^
Of course, reading and being informed about all comics published all over the world it's an impossible task... that's the reason why we need all your help in searching stuff... ^^
Well... If you run across a Goku, or Vegeta or Piccolo while you're turning over the pages of a romantic Japanese high-school manga or a spy and mecha action story... will you please signal it to us? We're already searching for those things! And do not ignore movies or TV serials because they appear there sometimes! So, do open your eyes and open up to a lot more because sometimes they hide themselves very well. ^__-
by Kabu

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Title: Banana Fish
Manga author: Akimi Yoshida
Volume: 19
Page: 138 (of the Italian edition)

Another DB citation "caught" from one of the most popular action shojo manga in Japan. Inside Banana Fish last volume, an otaku from New York enters and lists his favorite anime... Of course how can he miss Dragon Ball (that is mentioned with Sailor Moon and Lamù...)?!

Title: Yakitate!! Japan
Manga author: Takashi Hashiguchi
Volume: 15
Chapter: 131
Pages: 151-152-153

Well this manga has a very original plot: the main character, Azuma Kazuma, becomes obsessed with bread since he is six years old. So he becomes a bakery worker and is out to make "Japan" the best fresh baked bread in Japan. Take a look at what happens to Kuroy-Anagi when he eats some broiled bread... Maybe he turns a... Super Saiyan?! ^_-

Title: Aishiteruze Baby
Manga author: Youko Maki
Volume: 7
Chapter: 29
Page: 14

A very small quotation from this shoujo manga. The main character is Kippei a high school playboy who has to take care of Yuzuyu, his 5-year old cousin... Here in this scanlation, Kippei is "rating" Mita, a guy from his school, who "looks like someone out of Dragon Ball Z". Maybe he thinks so because of Mita's hair or what... ?! ^_-

Title: Gokinjo Monogatari
Manga author: Ai Yazawa
Volume: 14
Page: 52

Another shoujo manga, this one by Ai Yazawa. In the last page of its conclusive tankoubon, here is a Dragon Ball quotation... It's very small and we can offer only the Italian version of it but "Dragon Ball" is unmistakable... ^__-

Anime title: Transformers
Anime series title: Transformers: Superlink (U.S. version "Transformers: Energon")
Anime Directors: Jun Kawagoe - Yutaka Sato

In a special episode of the anime, "Transformers: Superlink", two Decepticons, Irontread and Snow Storm, attempt to "Superlink" together. It doesn't work and is followed by a shot of them mimicing the final step of DBZ's Fusion Dance. Here they are in an image: at the right of the logo you can see Irontread (U.S. version Demolishor) and behind the logo Snow Storm (U.S. version Snowcat). O__O
Provided by Armada Prime.

Title: Naruto
Manga author: Masashi Kishimoto
Volume: 24
Page: back cover flap of Japanese edition

Look at here how nice tribute given by Kishimoto, who is a well known Akira Toriyama's fan! Unluckily this is available only inside the Japanese version of Naruto manga (we saw that it is missing in the Italian version, but don't know if it is shown in the US version... let us know!) in the back cover flap where is even a note by the author telling:
"Naruto reached his vol. 24 too! In Dragon Ball vol. 24, Goku was going to face Ginyuu. I was very strained when I read it... Me too, I have to make Naruto more interesting!!"
Special thanks to Paddo for the scan and Tsu for the translation!

Title: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Manga author: Kazuki Takahashi
Volume: 1 - The Millennium Puzzle

Here qui are at the first manga book of Yu-Gi-Oh! and yet Yugi mentions the Dragon Balls when is wondering what will happen when he completes the puzzle. He hopes that he will get a wish, "like the Dragon Balls".
Provided by Laura!

Title: Codename: Kids Next Door
Episode title: R.E.P.O.R.T.
Director: Tom Warburton

Even outside of Japan, cartoons are sometimes influenced by Dragon Ball. ^_- Look at these screenshots from Cartoon Network animated series called "Codename: Kids Next Door" also available as a videogame... In the episode R.E.P.O.R.T. Numbuh Four turns into a Super Saiyan and battles with a Frieza look-alike. After using a "Gumball Attack", Numbuh Four goes Super Saiyan III, but falls to his enemy.
Provided by Laura!

TV serial title: Dawson's Creek
Episode title: Full Moon Raising (Season 2x05)

And here they are Goku & Co. from the anime series to bookcases appearing in Dawson's Creek! Those screenshots were captured from the episode titled "Full Moon Raising" (Season 2x05): Andie (Merendith Monroe) and Pacey (Joshua Carter Jackson) are in a video store and behind them... how much DB stuff!
Special thanks to Tenshinhan for the citation and the screenshots!

Title: Pani Poni Dash!
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Anime: episode #4 "Praising the Fine Weather and Waiting for the Sunset"

In this new and very fun TV series, during episode #4, the students test a new way of studying: they try to imagine historical personages as main characters in a manga. As we can see in the images below, they suggest to study Ieyasu Tokugawa's life (he was the first Shogun of the Tokugawa bakufu who completed the unification of Japan) and see him acting like Goku of Dragon Ball!

"Imagine Tokugawa Ieyasu being Gokuu of Dragon Ball and read it."

Here he is on the Kinton cloud!

Note: A parody of Son Gokuu in Dragon Ball.
Mikawa is an ancient name for the greater Aichi district in which Ieyasu was born.
"I'll show you the power of a super Mikawa person."

Title: Pani Poni Dash!
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Anime: episode #7 "Sunshine and Shadows are Like People that Visit on the Same Day"

Another citation from DB during Pani Poni Dash! episode #7: maybe Mesousa is copying Goku’s Kamehameha when is trying to release his attack?
(Click on the picture to see Mesousa acting... ^^")

Title: Duck Dodgers
Episode: no.20 - The Mask of Xero
Writer: Spike Brandt, Paul Dini, Tom Minton, Tony Cervone
Director: Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone
Guest Stars: Carlos Alazraqui (Commandante Hilgalgo), Castulo Guerra (Sergeant Vasquez), Tasia Valenza (Senorita Theresa), Jess Harnell (The Ghost)

Duck Dodgers is the fictional star of a series of cartoons produced by Warner Bros. He is actually the famous (but still fictional) cartoon star Daffy Duck, cast in the role of an intergalactic future "hero". In this episode, near the end...
Duck Dodgers says: Where they were? (referred to some people that saves him)
Cadet: They got bored and went home to watch reprise of Dragon Ball.
(Click on the picture to see Duck Dodgers fighting... ^^")
Thanks to Uchiha Naruto.

Title: City Hunter
Author: Tsukasa Hojo
Volume: 1
Page: 104 (of the Italian edition)

Take a look at this illustration and see who is placed side by side to the great Ryo Saeba! Here he’s still a kid but he's just him, Goku!
Provided by Nannilo

Title: Gantz
Author: Hiroya Oku
Volume: 2 - Chapter 14
Page: 67

In this comic of extreme graphic violence by Hiroya Oku, Masaru and Kei, two friends who meet after long time, get run over by the metro... But do they really die? And what's Dragon Ball got to do with it? Not much, but one of the main characters, to magnify his friend’s capabilities, tells him that he's "cooler than Goku and Kenshiro"!
Provided by Nannilo

Title: DNA²
Author: Msakatsu Katsura
Volume: 1
Pages: 156, 157 and 164 (of the Japanese edition)

DNA² is for Dokoka de Nakushita Aitsu no Aitsu that means about "Something of myself that I lost somewhere". The protagonist is Junta Momonari, who is becoming the Mega-Playboy fathering 100 children and leading to the overpopulation of the world. But Karin is sent from the future to change Junta's DNA and the course of History. Frequently this manga shows situations where Junta suffers transformations, but especially in these pages you'll see what happens when he gets mad... Don't you think he's just like Goku SSJ?
(Click on the previews to see the whole pages)
Provided by Nannilo

And here is an unusual reference...

Some years ago, the german musician Thomas D from "Die Fanastischen Vier" (a german rap-band) started a musical project: the punk band "Son Goku". When he was asked about the band name during an interview, he told that he chose it because it wanted to express both Goku's wild Super Saiyan image and the innocence of him when he was a child. You can find other info about this band at www.songoku.net
by BK '81

Title: Magister Negi Magi
Original Title: Mahou Sensei Negima!
Author: Ken Akamatsu
Volume: 9
Chapter: 79
Page: 13

Here's a scanlation from Magister Negi Magi manga (click on the preview to get the whole page) of Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina author!
You can see the school director warning about the magical power of the world tree. This power influences people that can wish things but not as... receiving girl's panties like Oolong did in Dragon Ball!
Provided by Andrea Paschina

Title: Ranma ½
Author: Rumiko Takahashi
Volume: 21
Pages: 172 and 174

In the same volume of the manga Ranma 1/2, there are references to Goku's Nyoi-bo and Kintoun. Ranma's opponent uses both in a battle. In the picture of the Nyoi-bo reference, the cheerleader says "Nyoi-bo Baton Crash!" and one of Ranma's classmates says "Whoa! A Dragon Ball reference!" Later the cheerleader calls "Kintoun" the pompoms that are moving like clouds. (Click on the previews to see the whole pages)
Provided by Laura

Title: Power Stone
Directors: Kenichiro Watanabe, Takahiro Omori
Character Design: Tadashi Shida
Anime: 26 episodes

In this Power Stone anime series (art and animation done by Studio Pierrot) based on the Capcom Video Game of the same name, there is a character named Wangtang that seems turning a Super Saiyan when he uses the power stone.
Provided by T.R. Trunks

Title: Yu Yu Hakusho (U.S. version: "Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files")
Author: Yoshihiro Togashi
Volume: #19 (the final volume)
Page: around 183

Toriyama has influenced Yoshihiro Togashi too and has been an inspiration especially for this one work Yu Yu Hakusho. The proof is in the final pages of this manga where, among other stuff, there's a picture showing a woman acting like she wants to perform a Kamehameha and there is written too! More than this, the matter of spiritual/evil Ki and power levels remind us Dragon Ball; and what about Hiei?! He reminds me of Vegeta and not only for his look...! (Click to enlarge the picture)
Provided by Barbara ^_-

Title: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Episode: #17 - Chicken Ball Z
Director/Producer: Maxwell Atoms

In this episode, which is called ironically Chicken Ball Z, Mandy wants powers from Grim to help her win 50,000 dollars from a fighting tournament and Grim says no. So she goes to a really weird antique shop and eats this mysterious magic chicken ball. Then she goes out of control and turns "Super".
Provided by Chris who took the pictures off from his TV!

Movie title: War of the Worlds
Director: Steven Spielberg
Year of production: 2005 (USA)

Only a careful supervisor could notice this quick appearance: a Pilaf doll put in Mr. Satan's car (from Jakks Pacific prod.) inside Rachel's room (she is the daughter of Ray Ferrier/Tom Cruise, protagonist of the movie).
Thanks to Simi822 for reporting this quotation and to Evil Phoenix for capturing the screnshot (it's about the minute 08:26).

Movie title: Amores perros
Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu
Year of production: 2000 (Mexico)

In this mexican movie it has been noticed a Goku's sticker on the door of Octavio's room. It was very hard to find where our friend Simi822 saw this thing, but luckily there was a nice guy who "painfully" (because the movie was in mexican and he didn't understand a thing ^^") watched it all and captured these screenshots! Thank you so much Evil Phoenix!

Title: Battle Club
Author: Yuji Shiozaki
Volume: #1 (of the italian edition)
Pages: 116 and 117

In this fan service manga, published by TOKYOPOP, with school, fights, boobs and panty shots all wrapped into one, there is an evident Dragon Ball quotation... a Kamehame..ho! ^_^
(Click on the preview to see the whole two pages!)
by Chibi Goku

Titolo: Keroro Gunso
Directors: Junichi Sato, Yusuke Yamamoto
Anime: episode #50 - Original title: Natsumi, kounetsu no Chikyuu senshi. De arimasu! / Giroro, ore ga yara na ba dare ga yaru. De arimasu! (Natsumi, warrior of Earth with a headache. De Arimasu! / Giroro, if I don't go to Hell, then who will? De Arimasu!)

The funny Keroro Gunso TV series is sparkling with many anime parodies... how could Dragon Ball is missing? During episode # 50, if you even don't notice that the display on Keroro's left eye seems just a scouter, when you watch it measuring Natsumi power level increase, you'll clearly associate the thing with DB.
(Click on the screenshot to see the clip!)
Thanks to Chibi Goku for providing us quote and clip!

And here's to you another musical reference...

The third-wave ska band Voodoo Glow Skulls published in the far 1994 his first album titled "WHO IS, THIS IS?" and look who is on the cover? No, they didn't choose Goku, but a "terrific" Kuririn... O_O
by Blake K

Title: Excel Saga
Author: Koushi Rikudou
Anime: episode #20

We all know that Excel Saga contains parodies of many movies, videogames and anime... In this clip we can see Nabeshin (alter-ego of the anime director Watanabe Shinichi) showing his true power and turning... SSJ?
(Click on the picture to download the clip!)
Thanks to Chibi Goku for providing us quote and clip!

Movie title: Are We There Yet?
Director: Brian Levant
Year of production: 2005 (USA)

In this comedy, Nick (the actor Ice Cube) is a playboy bachelor who has a lovestory with a divorced mother of two... About 10 minutes from the beginning, there is a part when a kid comes to Nick's store and asks

- Do you have Dragon Ball GT?

And Nick tells him:

- You come many times and ask the same. We don't have any Pokemon or Digimon! So get out of here!

by McMALAN who also sent us these screenshots!

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