Hello to everyone! ^^ Welcome to this special section of Dragon Ball Arena, whose purpose is to go to find Goku and all Dragon Ball characters where no one would have never thought that he could meet them! ^^ Oh yeah... because this Toriyama's work is so famous that its protagonists are mentioned, or imitated in their moves or techniques, inside many other animes/mangas and sometimes they even appear themselves! And so, we are here to show you all those "extra" appearances of our favourite heroes! ^^
Of course, reading and being informed about all comics published all over the world it's an impossible task... that's the reason why we need all your help in searching stuff... ^^
Well... If you run across a Goku, or Vegeta or Piccolo while you're turning over the pages of a romantic Japanese high-school manga or a spy and mecha action story... will you please signal it to us? We're already searching for those things! And do not ignore movies or TV serials because they appear there sometimes! So, do open your eyes and open up to a lot more because sometimes they hide themselves very well. ^__-
by Kabu

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Title: Video Girl Ai
Author: Masakazu Katsura
Volume: 6 (of the 1st Italian edition)
Pages: 24-25

In this romantic shounen manga, the Guest Star from Dragon Ball is just Goku, whose smiling face appears on the cover of the comic the protagonist is reading in classroom. There are three vignettes showing our hero and you can easily notice that he uses not the same hand to give the sign V for Victory! ^__-
Must see to believe! ^^

Title: Brothers
Author: Sho-u Tajima
Volume: 1 (of the 1st Italian edition)
Page: 107

In this case, Dragon Ball appears and in a drawing and in a dialogue: as usually, the character we can see is Goku, who appears on the TV, but the "quotation" continues with an interesting piece of dialogue.
Read and enjoy yourself to imagine which are the Dragon Ball characters talking! ^^

Title: Tenjou Tenge
Author: Oh!great (Ito Oogure)
Volume: 17 (of the Italian edition)
Page: 35 (about)

What Dragon Ball has got to do with this page of the manga is evident: the protagonist Soichiro Nagi shows an irreverent and funny imitation of the Super Saiyan transformation and of the Fusion. ^^
There is not Goku appearing anywhere... but the allusion is very clear! ^_-

Title: Tenjou Tenge
Author: Oh!great (Ito Oogure)
Volume: 10 (of original Japanese version)
Chapter: 61
Page: 130

And more... The author of this manga gives us even an example of "Solar Fist" (Taiyoken) performed by Kurei Shinichirou to get out of a scrape... ^^ Wherever the fight is... Dragon Ball is there! ^__-

Title: Black Cat
Author: Yabuki Kentaro
Volume: 1
Chapter: 6
Page: 151 (of the Italian edition)

Title: Excel Saga
Author: Koushi Rikudou
Anime TV Series - Episode #25

Title: Abenobashi MahouShoutengai (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)
Manga author: Akahori Satoru
Studio (production): Gainax/Abenobashi Project
Anime: episode #4 (Blaze!)

And then... what can we say about the TV series Abenobashi MahouShoutengai, (published by ADV films www.advfilms.com)?! There is a "special tribute" to Toriyama's work! ^^ In episode #4, Sasshi, one of the protagonists, during a fight, turns Super Saiyan: he's got green eyes and blond hair!!! And, if this is not enough, there is more... Sasshi shoots a true Kamehameha! ^__-
Com'n and see!^^

(And Sasshi enemy looks like TaoBaiBai... ^__-)

Title: Abenobashi MahouShoutengai (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)
Manga author: Akahori Satoru
Studio (production): Gainax/Abenobashi Project
Anime: episode #3 (Combine!)

Sasshi and Arumi have to combine with three strange guys and take a look at the first character on the left... We bet you already saw him somewhere... :-PP

Title: Love Hina
Manga author: Ken Akamatsu
Anime: episode #17

Even in Love Hina some facts are from Dragon Ball...
In episode #17 the characters play a game and Naru Narusegawa plays Son Goku, the legendary Monkey King. On the pic you can see how she sits on the same golden nimbus as Goku.
Thanks to Valery from Ukraine.

Title: Naruto
Manga author: Masashi Kishimoto
Volume: 17
Chapter: 150

A DB quote from Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto couldn't miss! This mangaka is being very popular in Japan and all over the world and has always acknowledged that he's a big fan of Toriyama's manga (we noticed that by reading his comic!) and here's to you a mark.
If you watch the picture right below (we added the left one only to let you recognize the disguised protagonist), you'll notice that the left 1st mask in the middle row has just Jiaozi (Chaozu) face!

And we bet that the mask something below in the inferior row didn't slip your attention! It's a little hidden from a guy's head but you'll recognize that it's just the legendary monkey Goku mask! That's not Toriyama's Goku, but surely refers to him. ^__^

Title: G.T.O. Great Teacher Onizuka
Manga author: Toru Fujisawa
Volume: 10
Page: 159 (of the Italian edition)

And we managed to find something in Toru Fujisawa's manga too! :P
That's not a visual citation... but it's clearly a DB citation that the "poor" Onizuka is compared to Bubbles! And the asterisk explains that Bubbles is the monkey appearing in Dragon Ball and living on King Kaioh's planet.

Title: Puni Puni Poemy (2 episodes OVA, Spin-off of Excel Saga TV series)
Director: Shinichi Watanabe (Excel Saga, Gravitation, Tenchi Muyo etc..)
Episode: 2

Puni Puni Poemy is a kind of a parody for famous animes. It consists of two OVA's. In the second OVA Poemi-chan addresses to Dragon Balls (just the starred ones from Toriyama's work) asking Shenlong (just the Dragon from DB ^^) to bring back to life her "father" (the Director) and "mother" (Kumikumi-san). She says these words: "I found these. There's only four more left, Director, Kumikumi-san."
Thanks to Valery from Ukraine and McMALAN.

Title: Love Hina
Manga author: Ken Akamatsu
Volume: 6
Chapter: Hinata 45 "Goodbye suddenly"
Page: 57-58

And here is in Love Hina manga another scene from Dragon Ball (Looks like Ken Akamatsu likes DB)! As you can see in the page, our friends are searching for their turtle friend Tama-chan.
And we can swear that the Turtle Locator looks exactly like the Dragon Radar from DB. And it shows the subject as a point in the radar field, like the Dragon Balls...
These sources from page 57-58 were cropped and pasted in one by our friend Valery from Ukraine.

Title: Calm Breaker
Manga author: Masatsugu Iwase
Published by Koudansha and serialized on the magazine "Afternoon" in 1997

Masatsugu Iwase's Calm Breaker is a manga of humour, action and weird robots. The plot talks about Sayuri, a super robot that looks like a cute girl created by a scientist ingenious but a little foolish (Doesn't it recall to your mind Toriyama's Dr. Slump & Arale-chan?). But this is nothing because the whole manga tends to parody a lot of anime and other manga series.
Could Dragon Ball be missing?
Obviously no!!!
Look at here Sayuri's inventor explaining the robot-girl's latent power: he calls her "Super Sayurichan" and the old director asks if she will become with giant spiky golden hair and shoot out waves of energy of his hands...
Thanks to Boyakki.

Title: School Rumble
Manga Author: Jin Kobayashi
Anime Director: Shinji Takamatsu
Character Design: Hajime Watanabe
Anime: episode #9

In this anime, based on the romantic comedy short-stories manga, the main character is Tsukamoto Tenma, a highschool girl who is secretly in love with a boy named Karasumaru Ooji. But the girl has a secret admirer... the school delinquent Harima Kenji. And here are the screenshots of an energy fight between the two rivals in love... Harima and Karasumaru...
Many thanks to Chibi Goku for the citation, images and comments... ^__^

Harima increases his Ki... and turns "SSJ" to attack his rival. Karasumaru is preparing his technique that seems like a Kamehameha.

Karasumaru shoots his powerful energy attack towards Harima who avoids it.

Harima throws himself against Karasumaru resolutely... The clash is very violent...

The two guys do their best... but Karasumaru is stronger... so Harima falls to the ground and loses his transformation.

Title: Tenjou Tenge
Author: Oh!great (Ito Oogure)
Volume: 1 (of the original Japanese version)
Pages: 60, 61, 63 and 66

Another quotation from this manga where, in the first volume, they talk about the famous Kamehameha and compare it with another very similar technique just used... but later here it comes an explanation: that's not the DB energy attack!

Title: 2x2=SHINOBUDEN - The Nonsense KUNOICHI Fiction
(Ninin ga shinobu den)

Creator: Ryoichi Koga
Series Director: Haruo Sotozaki
Anime Director: Hitoyuki Matsui
Character Design: Jun Shibata
Anime: episode #11 Sasukeden Begins / Ninja, Showing Gratitude

Now we're going to show you a screenshot from a 12-episode anime series very funny where Shinobu, the main character, is an apprentice kunoichi (female ninja). Her classmate Sasuke, during episode #11, tries to imitate Goku performing Genkidama and asks everyone to give him energy... (Click to enlarge and read!)
Thanks to Chibi Goku.

Title: Buffy
Episode: #12 season 7 "Potential" - Original U.S. Air Date: January 21st, 2003
Director: James A. Contner
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Anne Summers
Guest Starring: Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells alias Vegeta! ^__^

Dragon Ball has become a must-see for everyone, so don't be amazed if even in the most popular series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" there is someone who refers to it...
We're talking of "Andrew" who tries to persuade Buffy that he's like Vegeta on Dragon Ball Z...
Read the transcript from www.buffyworld.com

(crosses her arms) He's not evil, but when he gets close to it, he picks up its flavor like a mushroom or something.

But I'm reformed. I'm like Vegeta on Dragonball Z. I used to be a pure Saiyan, and now I fight for the side of Goku.

And later the same Andrew tells...

(to Dawn) You wanna play Dragonball Z? (Dawn just glares at him)

Title: "Agent Cody Banks" (2003) and "Agent Cody Banks 2" (2004) movies
Starring: Frankie Muniz
Director: Harald Swart

This is a quotation by McMALAN concerning the protagonist of a two-movie series, Cody Banks (the actor Frankie Muniz), a teenage CIA agent equipped with top-end spy gadgetry and excellent training...
This special agent is a big fan of Dragon Ball... Take a look into his room... Ehy, a poster of Goku and Freeza behind him and another one of Goku and Vegeta!

Title: Kimi wa Pet ("Tramps Like Us" in the U.S. version)
Manga author: Yayoi Ogawa
Volume: 11
Page: 99 (of the Italian edition)

That's a very new manga and anyway DB has not been missed! ^__-
Takeshi Goda (alias Momo the Pet ^^") has to teach Japanese language to Mrs Charlene, who is French, and suggests manga as stuff to learn with... Charlene tells she loves manga and reminds of Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Gekko Kamen...
Japanese reading direction, from right to left!!!
(Dialogues are written between < and > because they're meaning that the characters are talking French!)

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