Welcome to the "Armor and Suits" section. Here you can see the all of the different types of armor and suits Vegeta wore in the series. Don't you think as the series went by, Vegeta kept losing parts of his armor in each saga to represent how less evil he's gotten?
from Ginga GIRI GIRI!!! site

Bardock Special

During his training, Vegeta wore a blue, shoulder-less jump suit like the one he wore in the Buu saga. Then he wore the Royal Saiya-jin armor on top of it after he was done.

Saiyans Saga

Vegeta wore a blue jumpsuit, white armor with yellow shoulderpads, yellow waist pads and wrapped his tail around them. I think this armor made him more prince-like.

Freeza Saga first half

Vegeta decided to wear the same armor as the one in the Saiyans saga, but without the waist pads this time. I think he looks more soldier like in this armor.

Freeza Saga second half

Vegeta wore a black or Navy Blue jumpsuit and a white shoulder-less armor.

Androids and Cell Saga

Vegeta wore a blue jumpsuit and white armor with yellow shoulder straps. This armor was created by Capsule Corp and was based upon his old Saiyans and Freeza saga armors. My personal favorite armor.

Majin Buu Saga

Vegeta decided to ditch the armor and long sleeves, so he went with a blue, shoulder-less jumpsuit.