DBZ TV Special #2 - The History of Trunks
Japanese Release Date: 2/24/1993

This is the opening scene of Trunks Special: Goku dying of the heart disease that he picked up on Planet Yardrat. And this is a thing that was averted in DB timeline thanks to Future Trunks' arrival! Thirteen years later, after the Z Warriors are faced with defeating Dr. Gero's androids #17 and #18, also the majority of Earth's Population is wiped out. Only Gohan survives and there is no one strong enough to defeat the androids. Now Trunks is 13 and is listening to the radio about #17 and #18 destroying the city of Pepper Town! So he decides to do something to save the people there, but, when he arrives, it's too late! Trunks nearly gets killed, but is rescued by Mirai Gohan, now adult. Trunks asks for Gohan and persuades him to train him to fight against the androids. During the long training, Trunks is steadily trying to reach Super Saiya-jin as he's Vegeta's son, but fails every time even if comes close once or twice. Meanwhile, during a battle with the androids in a local amusement park, Gohan and Trunks are both severely beaten. Gohan gives Trunks the last senzu bean to save the teenagers life but he loses one arm. Then Gohan decides to face them alone, but Trunks insists on coming along. To keep him from dying, Gohan tricks Trunks and knocks him unconscious. So Gohan faces the androids for what he knew would be the last time. Shortly afterward, Trunks wakes up and follows where Gohan went but only to find him dead. In this heart-wrenching scene, Trunks develops the rage necessary to finally reach Super Saiya-jin. The scene switches forward another three years, to when Trunks attempts to fight the androids by himself. He fails again, but survives the battle, and then realizes what he has to do. Using the time machine built by his mother Bulma, Trunks travels twenty years in the past to avert their doomed future.

Here, in this page, is available the FULL ENGLISH VERSION (NO SUBTITLES) with the very famous and wonderful Dream Theater's Soundtrack!!!

DBZ TV Special #2
The History of Trunks

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Time: 47:17 min
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