DBZ TV Special #1 - Bardock: The Father of Goku
Japanese Release Date: 10/17/1990

The Bardock Special opens showing Planet Vegeta, where Saiya-jin people live, and a crying baby who's just been born. He is the son of Bardock, a low-class Saiya-jin warrior, and is called Kakarotto. From here, the scene changes: now we assist to what is happening on Planet Kanassa where some Ohzaru Saiya-jin are annihilating the native fishmen. After the battle is finished, a group of warriors is talking (there is a saiyan girl warrior too!) about a mineral on the planet that creates in the Kanassa-jin the psychic ability to read peoples minds and to see the future.
One of them is Bardock, just the father of that little Kakarotto, and he is making disparaging comments about his son's low potential.
In that moment, a surviving member of Kanassa attacks him with a simple hit on the back of the head and, before dying, makes the prophecy that Bardock will see his own death and the destruction of his people. Bardock eliminates the Kanassian but falls to the ground...
At that time Saiyans were serving a powerful warrior, called Freeza, and they were send in the space to conquer new planets to exploit.
Now the scene changes on Planet Vegeta where little Prince Vegeta, who has got the name of his own planet, is training with some Saibaimen and everyone is astonished of his powerful capability.
In the meanwhile, Freeza is listening from Zarbon and Dodoria about the last victorious mission of the Saiyans and they seem worried about Saiyans power, especially when they act together. Zarbon suggests to his boss to exterminate them all, because one day they could rebel against him and kill him... In that moment the little Prince comes in the room, greets the powerful Freeza, who seems to have him in his own graces, and leaves for conquering a new planet (this way he will survive the destruction of his own people). After the nth mission, Bardock is quite poorly; his mates depart then for the next target, leaving him on Planet Vegeta in order to recover himself. He's still inside the healing capsule when, as he's waking up, has a strange dream: he sees the Kanassian, who hit him at the head, repeating him he transfer him the ability to foresee the future and that soon his people will be annihilated and then he sees his son. He suddenly wakes up and, heard his fellows destination, runs away in order to reach them. He stops for a moment in front of little Kakarotto's cradle and again he has a vision of Planet Vegeta exploding, but he still cannot understand that is the future and thinks they are just stupid dreams and does not want to give weight to them! Instead, he hears his son crying and gets quite bothered to learn about his low fighting power! In the meanwhile on Planet Mito the Saiyan warriors are killed by Dodoria and his henchmen by orders of Freeza and, when arrives, Bardock cannot believe his own true eyes finding all his friends dead! Just one of them, Toma, still has a small voice to make Freeza's name before dieing in Bardock's arms. But yet Bardock doesn't realize what actually happened and how they had been betrayed by that same Freeza they had so loyally served; until, after a few moments, Dodoria and his men arrive. Bardock is at first disbelieving, then he senses the betrayal and flies into a rage, getting easily rids of all his opponents; but then Dodoria himself intervenes and hurls at him a very powerful energy beam and leaves convinced that he has killed him. But the bodies of his mates killed by Freeza's henchmen, have made a shield for Bardock and he is still alive, even if seriously wounded. Without delay departs in order to inform his people and, with his space capsule, meets that in which little Kakarotto has just been sent on a planet called Earth. As soon as he lands on Planet Vegeta, he is informed about his son destination and he finally realizes that the ones he had, were not just dreams: now he is sure that he has foreseen the Saiyans' future! He want to advise everyone about Freeza's intentions and, while is running, keeps seeing in his mind the future of his son. But his people doesn't want to believe him, no one pay attention to him and indeed many of them laugh at his words! So Bardock swears he will kill Freeza with his own hands and, suddenly, has a vision: a planet with a green sky, some strange trees, blue grass (Namek) and sees a man from behind who looks just like him but wears an orange suit. He recognizes in him his son; but immediately the Kakarotto's figure disappears and that of Freeza appears! Although his body his exhausted for the wounds, Bardock rouses himself, runs away and flies in the space against Freeza, who is leading, on his space ship, towards Planet Vegeta, with the intention to destroy it. But Bardock wants to change that future of destruction! Many warriors try to stop him, but now none can make it! As he gets in front of Freeza, concentrates all his energy and launches an attack; but using just one finger Freeza creates a huge Death Ball and hurls it at Planet Vegeta involving Bardock and also his own henchmen. Before dieing, Bardock has one last vision: he sees his son, now adult, facing Freeza, senses what will be his destiny and so he dies with a smile on his face. A giant explosion destroys Planet Vegeta, but not all the Saiyans have been killed: Prince Vegeta has just conquered by himself a new planet. He receives communication about the destruction of his planet and his people due to a meteorite... but the kid doesn't care much and asks if there are any other news...
In the meanwhile on Planet Earth Old Son Gohan is attracted by the crying of a baby: he's little Kakarotto who has reached, travelling with his space capsule, his final destination. The old man decides to call him Son Goku and to have care of him... so the great story of Dragon Ball begins!

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DBZ TV Special #1
Bardock: The Father of Goku

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