DBZ Movie #8 - Burnout!! Fierce Fight, Violent Fight, Super-Exciting Fight!
Japanese Release Date: 3/6/1993

Someone's destroying one galaxy after another. King Kaioh's terrified: the new demolishing force will come to Earth soon too. Meanwhile Goku and Chichi are standing in a very long line for the parents' interview, because Gohan is going to attend a school and Chichi wants him to study in the best one. Goku, however, isn't so concerned with Gohan's education, he's very hungry and doesn't give a damn whether his hobbies are fighting with powerful opponents or (as Chichi insists him to say) reading and sports.
The scene changes. Gohan, Kuririn, Oolong, Mirai Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma and her family are in the cherry fields, celebrating the beginning of the spring. They are amused by Muten Roshi's acrobatic performance with sticks and plates.
Just later the cherry fields are shaken by Kuririn's voice: he's singing karaoke. But his talent is admired only by Bulma's parents, baby Trunks and Muten Roshi, who's drank too much of sake. Vegeta tries to contain himself, but he's on the edge of exploding: will that stupid brat stop singing?! Suddenly a spaceship lands in the cherry fields. The Z fighters are very surprised and look suspiciously at the aliens that are running towards Vegeta. A tall man shows up. He hails Vegeta as the King of the new Planet Vegeta and asks him to come to his new kingdom. The newcomer names himself Paragas. He's another Saiyan who has survived the destruction of the old Planet Vegeta. Paragas tells Vegeta that the new king is the only one who can destroy the legendary Super Saiyan. On the other hand, Trunks isn't convinced so easily. He believes it's a lie. But Paragas also invites "Prince Trunks" to come with them, because he's the son of King Vegeta.
Goku and Chichi are finally being interviewed. But when the committee finally asks Goku about his hobbies, King Kaioh telepathically asks Son Goku to come to his planet, because it's a matter of life or death. Goku gets a promise that he will be fed there and teleports to King Kaioh's Planet. Chichi goes mad.
Goku shows up in King Kaioh's Planet, but before they get down to business, he must nosh something.
On Earth, the mysterious spaceship is about to leave. Gohan, Kuririn and Oolong are trying to stop drunken Muten Roshi from boarding into the spaceship, but they fail and our friends disappear in a dark space vehicle. Trunks gets into the spaceship by the last minute after promising Bulma that he will bring back his father home safe.
In the meantime, Goku is desolating King Kaioh's food supplies. Son Goku finds out that this new threat - the legendary Super Saiyan - can be much stronger than he is. So without any delay he teleports to the South Galaxy where the legendary Super Saiyan has been seen the last time.
The spaceship lands in the new Planet Vegeta. During the trip to the palace, Paragas tells Vegeta that the rebirth of the Saiyans Kingdom has been his dream for many years, ever since Freeza's killed the old king and destroyed Saiyans' native soil. And now he feels that his dream and a tribute to Vegeta's father are fulfilled. The other Earthlings are going to the castle in a different car and Muten Roshi is sick. Finally, he's felt the consequences of drinking.
In the palace Vegeta meets another tall and handsome Saiyan, Broly, the son of Paragas. Suddenly a soldier runs in yelling that the legendary Super Saiyan has been spotted in the planet Totokama. Trunks finds it suspicious, but Vegeta doesn't mind his son, he takes Broly with him and leaves. Trunks, Gohan and Kuririn fly away to explore the surroundings. They discuss the rumour of the legendary Super Saiyan. To their amazement, the friends discover that the new Planet Vegeta is nothing but a ruin. The reason why it's green around the palace is that the enslaved aliens from Planet Shamo are pumping energy from underground and sending it to the castle. A kid of the Shamo-jins tells the friends that they have been brought here after their planet has been attacked by the legendary Super Saiyan. The kid tells that they aren't fed properly and he thinks that the Saiyans are the demon-spawns of the Universe. A guard shows up and starts whipping the Shamo kid. Gohan gets into a conflict with the guard, trying to defend him. Fortunately, the guards understand that it's hopeless to fight with the Z fighters and they pull back. Kuririn, stimulated by this luck, tries to show his abilities in fighting and... accidentally punches Goku in the face! He has just teleported to the new Planet Vegeta tracing the Ki of the legendary Super Saiyan. The friends are very surprised. They tell Goku why they are here at once and he wonders whether King Kaioh's asked Vegeta to fight the legendary Super Saiyan too.
Suddenly Paragas shows up and greets Goku in both names of his: Son Goku and Kakarotto. Goku mistrusts the newcomer, but Paragas offers him a dinner and Bardock's son cheers up immediately. During the meal, Goku understands that the Ki he's felt wasn't Paragas's, but he's sure that legendary Super Saiyan is in this planet. Gohan, Trunks and Kuririn have brought some food for their little famished friends - Shamo-jins. Trunks asks them whether it was Paragas who's attacked their planet, but gets a negative answer, so the legendary Super Saiyan can be anywhere.
Paragas is in the observation tower. He calls the comet Gmory to come faster and to destroy the worthless world. The scientist Moa doesn't understand Paragas intentions, but the Saiyan doesn't explain anything; after learning about the coming of the comet, he kills the alien at once.
The spaceship returns. Vegeta is disappointed: he hasn't found the legendary Super Saiyan. Paragas tells him to lighten up; they will find the legendary Super Saiyan for sure. Vegeta is walking in the hall with a huge windows and Goku is sitting on the sill of one of them. He says "Hi" to Vegeta, but the Saiyan Prince isn't pleased to see his tribesman here. He orders Kakarotto not to interfere, because he's going to kill the legendary Super Saiyan all by himself and walks away. Broly comes close. He stops and stares at Goku furrowed. Goku jumps off the windowsill and looks at Broly. Their confrontation seems quite sinister. Paragas tries to calm Broly down with some device on his hand, but Muten Roshi shows up and asks Paragas to prepare a ship for him, because he's tired of this planet. Finally, Broly calms down, but Paragas is worried. Just later, another alien scientist checks his device, but it perfectly works! Then Paragas can't understand what is wrong with Broly and he thinks it must be Kakarotto's fault. His power has awakened in Broly something that cannot be controlled. If that is so, all Paragas's efforts would be for nothing. Paragas remembers how young Broly's used to destroy civilization after civilization and it's been impossible to stop him. Broly was born with this incredible power and as he grew he became so violent that he scared Paragas. So he made a scientist to create a special device to control Broly's power. Eventually, with the power to control Broly, he's got the power to rule the Universe. Suddenly Paragas remembers that Broly and Kakarotto were born on the same day. Kakarotto has been crying all the time. And although Broly's combat power was 10000 and Kakarotto's only 2, Bardock's son made Paragas's kid cry. That day the Saiyans decided that Kakarotto must had a strong fighting spirit. And the fate has brought those two babies, Broly and Kakarotto, together again.
Broly can't restrain himself anymore; he yells "KAKAROTTO!" and runs to the room of Goku and others. He smashes the door, but Goku is already awake. He flies away through the window trying to avoid Broly's strikes. But Broly is unstoppable. He shots at Goku a lot of Ki blasts and is anxious to fight him. They are flying through the forests and stops over lake. Goku understands that Broly is just like the rest of them: he can raise his fighting power very quickly. Goku kicks him, but Broly feels almost nothing. Goku's shocked. Broly increases his Ki even more and then Goku realizes that this is the Ki he's been following. Paragas flies in and calms Broly down with his device. He takes his son to the palace. But Goku has already understood everything. And the comet Gmory is coming closer every second.
In the morning, Vegeta is about to leave his new kingdom in order to search for the legendary Super Saiyan. He's going to take Broly with him. Paragas tries to stop him, because he wants Vegeta to perish together with the whole planet when comet Gmory hits it. But Vegeta is unpersuadable. Broly petrifies near the spaceship: Kakarotto is there. Goku's waiting for Vegeta, he's very hungry, but he has something important for him to say.
Goku announces that Vegeta doesn't have to go anywhere because the legendary Super Saiyan is here. Paragas tells Vegeta that Kakarotto's lying, but Goku says that Broly is the legendary Super Saiyan. Vegeta's furious, he has told Kakarotto not to interfere, but he hasn't listened to him. Paragas tries to persuade Vegeta that Broly is weak, that he has even less power than Paragas. But at the same moment Trunks flies in yelling that Paragas is lying. Vegeta's son has finally revealed the true. He tells that all of this has been made to trick Vegeta. Paragas has made Shamo-Jins to build the palace and everything. Gohan and Kuririn bring some of them near the spaceship and the same Shamo kid recognizes Broly. He's the one who has desolated their planet. And Vegeta finally understands the fraud. Paragas confirms that Trunks is right. He has brought them all here only because the Gmory comet is going to hit this planet. What he really wants is the Planet Earth and, without Vegeta and others to defend it, he will be able to conquer it very easily. He thinks that the empire created by him and Broly will last forever, but Broly goes out of control at last and walks towards Goku. Vegeta is stupefied. He tries to injure Broly, but his strikes do no harm for the legendary Super Saiyan. Broly powers up and breaks the control device on his forehead. He says that Kakarotto will be his first victim and shots straight at him. Goku grabs Gohan by the hand and flies away. Vegeta is frozen. All that he can stutter is "the legendary Super Saiyan". Trunks flies to help Goku and Gohan leaving his father prostrated.
Paragas tells Vegeta that now Broly is completely out of control. He also narrates the story of him. He tells that he's really hated the old King Vegeta, because he's ordered to kill Broly. He was afraid of his incredible power. However, Broly hasn't been killed. He and his father have been thrown out as garbage. Thanks to the awesome powers of Broly, they've survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta and since then Paragas has lived just to revenge the descendants of the old king.
Meanwhile Broly is raging. Goku, Gohan and Trunks are trying to fight him, but all their efforts are vain. Muten Roshi offers them his help, but, unfortunately, they find out that he's still drunk. Broly destroys the Planet Shamo. Oolong takes Muten Roshi together with the Shamo-Jins to the hiding place. Kuririn wishes them luck and vanishes too.
The fight simmers again. However, the Z fighters are no match to Broly. He knocks out Gohan, Trunks and Goku one after another. Broly is satisfied. He destroys the spaceship where Muten Roshi has left all his food and wants to kill Gohan with one last Ki blast, but someone knocks it away with a yellow beam. It's Piccolo! He has come to help them when he's heard the conversation of Goku and King Kaioh! Piccolo gives Gohan, Goku and Trunks Senzu beans and now the four of them rise again to try to resist the powerful enemy. The Gmory comet is coming nearer. Kuririn, Muten Roshi, Oolong and all of the Shamo-Jins fly away with the spaceship of Capsule Corp. which has been brought by Piccolo.
The fight continues, Piccolo is blasted away. He falls near Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince is crushed. He's sure they can't win. Piccolo bawls Vegeta out and throws him into the ruins of the city. Vegeta can't understand why they fight. He sees Goku being beaten and gets angry, because the mere soldiers are fighting and the Prince is doing nothing. Vegeta flies towards Broly. Trunks is happy to see his father in his own shoes again. Broly knocks all of them out anyway. Paragas tries to leave in a space capsule, but Broly overtakes him and kills his father. Yet one of the fighters is still on foot. That's right - it's Goku. Gohan and Piccolo recover first. Piccolo says that they must give their power to Son Goku, so he and Gohan stretch their arms and the energy starts to stream. Goku powers up, but Broly beats him down. Son Goku asks for more power and Trunks raises his hand. He's shivering with pain, but the energy flows further and Goku attacks Broly again.
Regrettably, the energy of three fighters and Goku himself is not enough to stop Broly. But Vegeta isn't minded to give his power to a mere soldier. He's the Prince. All fighters are on the edge of losing the consciousness; they beg Vegeta to give his power to Goku. The comet Gmory is already near. Finally, Vegeta stands up - he's the only one who is able to do so. His pride is still very strong, but he realizes that there's a chance to beat Broly. He hears Goku crying and curses. He's the Prince of all Saiyans! Vegeta stretches his hand, his Ki increases and the energy streams away.
Broly is about to knock Kakarotto. But Goku has finally got the last drop of the power he needed - he's got the energy of the Saiyan Prince. He stops Broly's fist and is ready to strike the last hit. Vegeta falls down unconscious and haggard still unable to understand why he should give his energy to Kakarotto. Every warrior passes out. Now it's everything up to Goku.
He concentrates all of his power in his fist, flies towards Broly and hits him in the stomach. Luckily, this one punch is enough to defeat the legendary Super Saiyan. A wave of explosion strikes Broly. Goku falls down shouting "WE WON!!!". The comet Gmory destroys the barren planet.
Goku has teleported everyone to the spaceship of Capsule Corp. in the nick of time. King Kaioh is happy - the evil has been destroyed. Chichi, however, isn't so joyful. She's furious and when Goku and Gohan return home, she announces that the spring brake is over and Gohan is late for school. Then Goku says something that floors Chichi: his hobbies are reading and sports... ^_^

by Eglaya