DBZ Movie #12 - The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta
Japanese Release Date: 3/4/1995

The story begins in the other world, near the planet of Dai Kaioh-Sama at whom presence takes place the prestigious tournament of martial arts that will decide the strongest fighter in the Universe among the ones who obtained to maintain their body after death in order to keep on training.
While North Kaioh-Sama laughs at the low power of the fighters from the other galaxies, as expected, have reached the final match Goku, for the North Galaxy, and Pai Ku Han, for the West Galaxy. In the reign of King Enma, who takes care of the order in the Afterlife, due to the negligence of the young Oni who controls the tank, the Spirit's Laundering, full of negative energy from the soul of the evils, explodes and all the negative energy is absorbed by the Oni who turns a giant evil creature, very strong and funny-looking, who continuously repeats "Janenba Janenba" (here he's name)!
Janenba erects a dimensional shield of sorts around King Enma's palace who now cannot control the flux of souls in the Afterlife anymore. So it happens a big confusion in the rules between the other world and this one, bringing such characters back to life as Freeza and his minions and all of the other dead...
In the meanwhile, on the Earth, Son Gohan and Son Goten stuff themselves with a lot of food (this is typical of all Saiyans) under Videl's astonished gaze and the resign of Chichi, who, while looking at the amount of dishes she will have to wash, envies Goku believing he's resting in the Afterlife!
Suddenly Videl receives a call from the police telling the city is in panic because of the ghosts who have taken control of the city. Also Dai Kaioh-Sama gets aware of the troubles at King Enma's palace, so he asks Goku and Pai Ku Han to go and investigate. The two warriors stop the fight and Goku teleports with Pai Ku Han to King Enma. Here they try to destroy the shield, where Enma is trapped, using their energy beams but it's all useless. Informed by King Enma that the responsible of the barrier is the giant monster on the roof, Goku tries to face him in a quite ridiculous fight and he soon realizes that his opponent, although so clumsy is very strong! In the meanwhile Pai Ku Han is trying to make a break in the barrier.
On the Earth it's a complete chaos. Masses of undead, zombies, Dracula, some of the old enemies of Goku and the Z warriors, now walk the planet, including a guy who looks like Hitler and his army of tanks! Gohan, Videl, Goten and Trunks think to do something: since they cannot kill all of the ghosts, they decide to gather the Dragon Balls and ask Shenlong to solve the problem. But the Dragon tells them he cannot do anything since the destiny of the dead lays in King Enma's hands.
So they try to face the enemies by themselves: Gohan immediately defeats the revived Freeza and the little Saiyans are taking care of "Hitler" and his army!
In the other world, while Pai Ku Han discovers that the barrier, apparently unbreakable, gets into pieces when he insults it, Goku is forced to turn SSJ3 in order to fight against Janemba. But his attacks do not obtain the hoped results and Janenba himself, instead of being destroyed, turns a even stronger and better looking warrior and not even the SSJ3 is able to face him anymore. And when the demon attacks him with a sword, Goku loses his SSJ3 level and falls exhausted. At his shoulders unexpectedly appears Vegeta who, even if he was bereft of his body after death, now he has got it back! So he's very desirous of fighting against a monster but he also cannot stand in front of the power of his enemy. So Goku suggests Vegeta to perform the Fusion dance; but the proud Prince of Saiyans doesn't like this idea! So at first he refuses and, only when he realizes that there is no way to beat the monster, he accepts, preferring the Fusion with Goku more than his compassion. Goku shows him the correct moves of Metamoru dance but Vegeta (disconcerted by these ridiculous moves) makes a mistake during the last pace, keeping his hand closed instead that point his finger and the result is a fat and not very smart creature! Fat Gogeta (Vekuu) is anyway able to face Janenba for all the 30 minutes of Fusion, thanks to his own unforeseeable bodily movements.
When the time for the Fusion is up, Goku and Vegeta split, but they prepare for the Metamoru dance again (North Kaioh-Sama has informed Goku of Vegeta's mistake). Even Pai Ku Han arrives to help the two Saiyans by distracting Janenba as they perform the Fusion again. This time they do it correctly and the aura of Gogeta, the strongest warrior ever, is so huge that even Goten and Trunks can feel it from the Earth! So the little Saiyans decide to follow their fathers example by performing the same technique themselves too and fuse into Gotenks.
Gogeta easily defeats Janenba who, hit by a very bright and powerful Ki Ball, disintegrates, setting the poor Oni free from the malefic energy, that before turned him the evil demon, and taking King Enma's reign back to normality. In the meanwhile, on Earth, Gotenks, performing his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, creates 100 ghosts and gets definitely rid of the army. While all the spirits go back to the Afterlife, Vegeta says goodbye to Goku and tells him he never will perform the Fusion again... Goku smiles and then the body of the Prince of Saiyans turns smoke...
The Earth is peaceful again and only Goten and Trunks have realized that it has been thanks to their fathers.