DBZ Movie #11 - A Super-Warrior Defeat!! I am the Winner
Japanese Release Date: 7/3/1994

The movie starts in a lab. We see Lord Jaguar supervising the creation of his bio- warriors and hear him mention his plan to "expose the planet's greatest fraud". 'Course, we all know that's Mr. Satan. Meanwhile, at Mr. Satan's house, #18 is trying to force him to pay her for letting him beat her and win the Tenkaichi Budokai. Naturally, he's cowering. Kuririn has promised Goten and Trunks a free meal if Satan pays #18. Suddenly, a mysterious guy shows up and tells Mr. Satan that Lord Jaguar, who was an old opponent of Mr. Satan, is challenging him to a fight. Satan turns him down, but the guy threatens him that the press will be notified about Satan wetting his pants at summer camp when he and Jaguar were kids.^_^ Satan is forced to accept, but #18 doesn't trust him to return and pay her, so she goes with them. The guy also mentions that Satan won't be fighting Jaguar in person, but "his finest warriors". Kuririn is forced to wait at Roshi's house and look after Marron, but Goten and Trunks hide themselves in the guy's flying car and go with Satan and #18 to Jaguar's island. When they reach Jaguar's castle, they see a lot of bio-warriors training in the courtyard. They are greeted by Jaguar, who, to be frank, looks like a volleyball in a formal suit. He leads Satan to the castle's Battle Arena. Satan is terrified by the bio-warriors and offers twenty million to #18 to take them on. Goten and Trunks also show up and they beat the bio-warriors easily. Suddenly, Goten sees a familiar face: the shaman from Natade Village in movie 10! Jaguar is enraged at their victory and reveals his lab to them. The place is full of capsules in which bio-warriors are grown. Goten notices that one of them has a tail and looks like a Saiyan. He and Trunks fly over to get a closer look. Suddenly, the bio-warrior turns his head: it's Broly! Jaguar refers to him as his secret weapon and orders him to be released from the capsule. Goten and Trunks decide to destroy him before he leaves the capsule, but are too late. As they prepare a Kamehameha, Broly turns into his Super Saiyan form and breaks the capsule. The scientists raise a protective barrier to stop Broly and fill it a strange fluid, but Broly bursts through and seems to have become fused with the fluid; he looks like he's made of slime. The fluid contained in his capsule, once out, becomes acidic and swallows anything it touches. Goten and Trunks confront the shaman from Natade Village and he tells them that he was thrown from the village and couldn't find work, so he collected Broly's dried blood from his space capsule, knowing Jaguar would pay a lot of money for it. Jaguar's scientists used the DNA to combine Broly with their best bio-warriors and construct a clone of Broly. Satan asks #18 to take Broly on for another twenty million, but she just gets beaten. Jaguar orders Broly to kill Satan, but just as the clone is about to blast him, Trunks saves him. Meanwhile, the fluid is destroying the lab and getting out of it. Goten and Trunks attack Broly, with no result. They blast him, but he just throws the attack back at them. They both start making fun of him. Broly gets mad and starts destroying everything. The said fluid is working its way out of the castle. It even swallows Maloja (one scum less). While Trunks is fighting Broly, Goten is evacuating the scientists. Trunks is, of course, getting it. Satan is trying to escape by sliding down a pipe. #18 joins the fray, but is hurt and beaten easily. Just as Broly is about to kill her, Kuririn arrives and saves her. Broly blasts them both away and is about to kill them, but is attacked by Goten and Trunks. They're both beaten again, but divert Broly's attention from Kuririn and #18. They manage to corner Broly and are blasting him with a Kamehameha, but Goten runs off and leaves Trunks to fight alone; he had to save Satan. Broly manhandles Trunks and just when he's about to squish him, Goten comes to the rescue. Broly is beating Goten and Kuririn tries to kill Broly with a Kienzan, but Broly's head just get's melded on again. Trunks comes up with a way to destroy Broly: he has to allure him into the all-consuming fluid. He moons Broly (^_^) and shows him his middle finger to get his attention, then breaks a vat of the fluid and manages to pour it on Broly. Broly is sucked up, but it seems the fluid has become two times more powerful! It's spreading all over the island and Goten, Trunks, Kuririn and #18 are evacuating the citizens, including Jaguar. Satan is trying to swim away from the fluid that's spreading towards the water but, just as it's going to swallow him, it turns into rock. This is because it touched seawater. Goten, Trunks and Kuririn hurl a Kamehameha and cause a huge tidal wave to sweep over the island, turning the fluid to rock. Suddenly, the remaining fluid takes the shape of a gigantic Broly, but is also turned to rock (phew!). Satan is shouting for help, but #18 says she'll need an additional forty million. Satan says "Never mind" and sinks.
But at Kaioh's place, Bubbles informs Goku, who is wolfing down food, that Dai Kaioh-Sama wants him and Pai Ku Han to go down to Hell and settle down Broly. Goku is about to go, but his stomach complains and he decides to eat some more before he goes. ^_^

by Vegetto 4