DBZ Movie #10 - Dangerous Partners! Super-Warriors Never Rest
Japanese Release Date: 3/12/1994

A lonely space capsule falls down on the Earth. A wounded warrior stutters "Kakarotto" and loses his conscious. The crater incused by the space capsule is flooded and the water freezes as the winter of the mountains comes. The warrior falls into a deep sleep. Seven years pass by. A small, black-haired boy is chasing the orange Dragon Ball. He is Son Goten, the second son of Goku. The boy is so like his father. He and his best friend Chibi Trunks are in quest of Dragon Balls. It seems that Gohan's classmate Videl is also with them. She's anxious to see the Shenron, so the triplet by the instrumentality of the Dragon Radar is examining the birds' nests and looking for Two-Star Dragon Ball. The boys have already made up their wishes: Trunks wants a huge fairground, all just for himself and Goten wants a park filled with candies, cakes and all the delicious stuff, of course! ^_^ There's only the Four-Star Dragon Ball left. Friends go down to the valley. Goten is starving so he runs down the road to the village. Videl is examining the crystal stone that she has found in the stream. She realizes that the crystals are the natural recourses of this region, but she wonders why that village looks so poor. She sees that Trunks and Goten are already gone and hurries after them. Meanwhile the villagers are about to make a sacrifice to the holy Mountain God. A brave little girl Coco is ready to face this horrible destiny. The three friends find the village people in the middle of this lunacy. They introduce themselves. The rustics are very suspicious and they wonder where these strangers have come from. Videl is curious about what is going on and there comes an old man who explains everything at once. He tells that there is a monster in their lands and it demands a sacrifice. The gaffer looks intently at Videl and she thinks that he's suspecting her of something. She states that these two kids near her may look suspicious, but she's a good person, she's the daughter of Mr. Satan, the World Champion. The old man nods and continues his narration. He tells that his village used to be prosperous because of the collecting of crystals, but for the last 7 years a great curse has fallen upon them: bad weather is plaguing them and there is a monster in the woods which is stealing the food from them and nobody can stop it. So the priest suggested offering a sacrifice to the Mountain God and asking him to kill the monster and remove the curse... However, Videl thinks it is nonsense and a sacrifice won't change anything. The friends understand that the villagers are in desperate situation and Trunks announces that they will get rid of that monster. All he asks for it is a priest's necklace. So the triplet hides inside a huge bowl and they are left in a remote corner of the mountain together with the offerings to the monster. Goten is starving, he wonders whether he could eat one of the offerings, but Videl forbids that severely. Trunks is also hungry and Videl suggests them to go home, but Trunks doesn't want to miss watching Videl being eaten by the monster. ^_^ The kids can't take it anymore. Trunks lifts up the cover of the bowl and takes one apple. Goten, encouraged by that move of his friend, tries to do the same, but Videl slaps him across the face and the boy bursts into tears. He cannot understand how come Trunks was allowed to take an apple and he wasn't. Goten lifts the bowl's cover and cries so loud that his voice echoes through the valley of the mountains. The cry wakes up the warrior in the capsule. An episode of the past flashes in his memory where a new born child cries. That child has been the causer of all his disasters and that cry he hears now is the same. Kakarotto. The name emerges from warrior's lips and the ice around his space capsule breaks. Finally, Videl gives a roll of bread to Goten as he doesn't stop crying. All of a sudden, the tears vanishes from his eyes, he grabs the loaf and eats it with a great content. Videl's surprised, but Trunks understands everything. He can't believe Videl has swallowed the bait: it has been one of Goten's classic tricks... Suddenly the earth shakes. The monster is approaching. Videl springs out of the bowl gamely and she sees a great red dinosaur. The girl orders the boys not to interfere, but these two are very interested in that "monster". They discuss its size and the sound of roar. Videl takes it seriously, but after a second the little Saiyan boys are all over the dinosaur. Goten is examining its eyes and Trunks finds out that dinosaur's back is a pretty good amusement. The reptile tries to deal with those two squirts, but Trunks beats it with only one punch. Videl is stupefied: what kind of kids are they?Later the villagers celebrate the defeat of a monster. The meat of a dinosaur is roasting, Goten is scoffing and Trunks is very content with the necklace. But Videl notices something glowing in the mountain pass. A great rumble greets the valley. The grumble doesn't stop in the morning. Videl runs down the road to the lake and finds a tall yellow-haired warrior floating in the air. She understands that he is the one who has been causing that noise. The guy attacks her without any warning and although Videl tries to resist him, the green-eyed warrior knocks her down very easily. At the same moment Trunks and Goten show up. The warrior spots Goten and utters "Kakarotto". Goten doesn't understand what that means. He says he's never heard of that kind of food. The guy yells again "KAKAROTTO" and Goten insistently repeats that he's never heard of that kind of food. The warrior goes mad, a great ki increases around him and he attacks the boys. Trunks hits him with a ki blast, but it does no damage to him. Vegeta's son is shocked. The yellow-haired warrior knocks the boys down into the lake and shots a lot of ki blasts at them. Meanwhile, miles away the teenager who's flying over the sea (Son Gohan) feels a great ki and shots straight at the direction of it unable to believe his senses.Back in the mountain valley, the Super Saiyan boys are trying to hurt that monstrous warrior, but it seems that no attack is affecting him. He releases a great green ki blast and the boys fell down in some sort of open mine. Trunks can't believe that such a strong guy has lived on this planet, but Goten says that there's always someone stronger out there. The warrior shows up at once not letting the boys to rest and continues to beat the crap out of them. Goten thinks they should better run away when suddenly he sees the Four-Star Dragon Ball behind that evil guy. He shows it to Trunks and the kids realize that with all seven Dragon Balls they would be able to ask Shenron for help. And they make up the plot: Goten must grab the Dragon Ball while Trunks distracts the evil guy. So he jumps on the ledge and yells to the warrior, that he should be ashamed. How can he fight with kids? Is he a coward or maybe he likes kids? And then Trunks... moons him! ^_^
The warrior gets angry, he hurries at Trunks and Goten runs towards the Four-Star Dragon Ball. Goten snatches the Dragon Ball, but due to his acceleration he hits the amassment of some white, pearl-like balls. One of these bowls bumps Goten in the head and he drops the Dragon Ball. It rolls down the scarp together with all white balls. Son Goten hurries after it. Trunks is left alone with the ferocious warrior. But the hope is near: second by second Gohan is coming closer. Videl recovers consciousness. She is pissed. The girl soars up and flies away to avenge that yellow-haired bully. In the meantime, Chibi Trunks is trying to resist that awesome fighter. Little Super Saiyan spares no efforts and for some time he manages to withstand his tremendous opponent. However, Goten isn't in a hurry. He's wetting and once he's relieved, the boy continues the search of the Dragon Ball among hundreds of pearl-like bowls. Trunks begs his friend to hurry up and finally, Goten finds the Four-Star Dragon Ball. At the same time the mysterious warrior is floating around the waterfalls, looking for his rival. Trunks has hidden away behind one of it. The warrior finds his hideout, but Trunks eludes the confrontation with the devil. Vegeta's son is glad that his father can't see him acting this way, because the Saiyan Prince would be very disappointed. And suddenly Trunks realizes that he really needs to go to the bathroom. While Trunks is struggling with this "call of the nature" ^_^ Goten shows up yelling that he has gathered all Dragon Balls. Trunks is pleased. He shoots out in front of ultra-strong warrior and announces that it's time for him apologize them, because the Shenron will beat him. Goten flies into the cave behind the waterfall, rolls out of his bag the Dragon Balls and says: "Shenron, please beat that monster guy!" But of course, no dragon shows up no matter how many times he repeats that. Trunks chews up about that, the rather that the yellow-haired warrior is coming closer. Goten hopes that he didn't break the Dragon Balls when he was carrying them. He announces that the Shenron doesn't show up and Trunks loses all his courage. Goten decides that the cave is too small and he takes the Dragon Balls outside while the monstrous warrior snatches Trunks. He is about to brake the boy, when finally Trunks relieves himself and that stupefies the warrior for a second and then he throws the boy down.Suddenly Goten remembers that Trunks is in trouble. He hurries to his friend and grabs him in time, but the boys don't manage to escape: the warrior shots a green ki blast at them and they fall down slowly. The yellow-haired guy murmurs "Kakarotto" looking at Goten and releases another ki blast, which should end everything, but some yellow light brings down the green blast by the last minute. The warrior yells "Kakarotto"; it seems that this is the only word he knows. Finally, another fighter appears on the scene: it's been Gohan who's knocked down the green blast. And he recognizes the warrior: it's Broly. Goku's son can't believe he's still alive. Gohan hurries to the little friends. Trunks sees Gohan-san first. Goten runs towards his brother beaming. Gohan says that Broly is extremely dangerous guy, and the boys wonder who that Broly is, so Gohan tells that Broly is the legendary Super Saiyan who was supposed to be eliminated by Son Goku sever years ago. Trunks is amazed, he says that no wonder he has been beating him, Goten and Videl so easily. Gohan is almost floored: Videl is also here?!
But there's no time to chat. Broly hurls at Gohan roaring "Kakarotto" and he understand that Broly is after his dad, but since he's gone now, Gohan will take care of Broly himself and the fight starts. Trunks and Goten watch it hooked by the Gohan's abilities. Gohan realizes that Broly hasn't changed. He's as strong as he used to be. Then all of a sudden Videl springs out and kicks Broly in the cheek, but her kick is nothing to him. The legendary Super Saiyan soars up in the sky and Gohan follows him. The earth is shaking. Broly throws a ki blast at Gohan, it looks that everything's over, yet the green ball bypasses him and shots straight at Goten. Gohan manages to counter the strike by the last minute, but the wave of the explosion injures Videl, Goten and Trunks seriously. Gohan is furious. He turns into the Super Saiyan and that movement stimulates Broly to become the legendary Super Saiyan. The fight continues. The hot, boiling lava emerges from the depths of the earth. Gohan decides that he can use it against Broly and flies towards the fiery river. He shots the ki blast into it and dives. Broly hurries after him. Gohan emerges from the hot mass, leaving Broly in there. He falls behind and the lava swallows him. Gohan lands on the rock and loses his conscious. The fight is over. The lava is all around him, but someone comes and rescues Goku's son. Gohan opens his eyes and he thinks that he sees Piccolo, but later on he realizes that his savior is Kuririn.Goku's friend is glad he can still help from time to time. He says that Broly is really persistent; he's come all the way to Earth just to encounter Son Goku. But what a shock: Broly bursts into view out of the lava. He's using the same technique which has helped him to survive the destruction of planet Vegeta. Broly knocks Kuririn down and Gohan goes into action once more. However, he has no more power to withstand Broly. The Dragon Balls fall out of Goten's back sadly and flash. There's only one person standing: Videl. Goten opens his eyes and tries to stand up, his brother's in trouble. Videl sees Gohan in Broly's grip, throws a crystal stone at him and falls down. Though the crystal does no damage to Broly, the view of unconscious Videl is enough for Gohan to disengage himself. Broly announces that now he's going to kill them all and he stands on a high rock. Gohan turns into the Super Saiyan and is about to release the Kamehameha. And so the blue beam of Kamehameha confronts the green ray of Broly. It looks like Broly is about to win, but Goten shows up, turns Super Saiyan and fuses his Kamehameha with brother's. The green ray withdraws a bit. Trunks recovers the consciousness, he stands up and stumps along the deformed landscape. The Son brothers need more power. Goten begs Shenron to help them and the Dragon Balls flash once more. A voice greets them exhorting not to give up. Gohan's shocked: that's the voice of Goku. He encourages his sons, telling them to be strong and what a miracle! They realize that Goku is standing behind them! Shenron has brought them their dad back. Is he fictitious? Apparently not, because Broly can see him too. He goes mad, that's Kakarotto! Goku turns into Super Saiyan and also shots Kamehameha at Broly. Goku insist on telling his sons that they mustn't give up, that they can beat Broly without him. The wave of Kamehameha pushes the green beam towards Broly, but he just laughs and increases the deadly blast of his. A hand with a flashing yellow ball appears. That's Trunks who cannot believe that there's no hope left. Angry boy throws his flashing bead into the middle of green ray and Kamehameha. And at last the blue wave ruptures the green ray. It seems that the yellow bead of Trunks was the only missing link in Earth's defense. Broly can't hold the attack of Kamehameha anymore. He's shocked. That can't be true. He yells "KAKAROTTO" for the last time and Kamehameha sweeps him towards the sun. He's gone. The seven Dragon Balls spread throughout the world. Son Gohan and Son Goten turn around hoping to see their father, but he's nowhere to be seen. Gohan's certain that it's been Goku for sure, who's saved them all. Videl runs to Gohan asking what happened to that monster guy. She believes that Gohan eliminated him, but Goku's son is speechless. However, Videl states that he's not getting anywhere without telling what's happened. Son Gohan tries to escape his inquisitive classmate, but Videl gives him chase and they two run down the hill.Goten is surprised to see Gohan acting like that, but Trunks tells him to leave them alone, because they enjoy doing stuff like that. He announces that he's going to village to eat something and Goten and hurries after him, because he's also hungry. Seemingly, everybody's forgot Kuririn: he's still lying floored by Broly! ^_^ But did Goku really come back to help his sons? Was it a miracle of the Dragon Balls or did the boys imagine it? The world may never know...

by Eglaya