Here is DBZ episode list (Japanese version)... it's composed by 291 episodes. In DBZ U.S. version some episdes have been cut and fused with other ones.

DBZ Episode List


DBZ Saiyans Saga Japanese version is composed by episodes #1 to #35. The U.S. version is composed by episodes #1 to #26, cause some episodes have been cut and fused with other ones.


1. Misterious Fighter Raditz (A Sheltered Boy: My Name is Gohan).
2. Father, Son Goku Past
3. The Strongest Pair in The World
4. Piccolo Plays His Trump Card!
5. Goku Died The Last Chance
6. Fight in The Next World! The Great King Yama Also Surprised
7. Gohan's Hard Training
8. Gohan's Metamorphosys in the Moonlight
9. Sorry Mr. Robot.
10. Don't Cry Gohan! Your First Encounter
11. The Strongest Saiyan in Space Awakes
12. Doze On The Snake Road
13. Great Yama's Secret Fruit
14. Princess Snake's Hospitality
15. Escape from Piccolo! Gohan Attracts a Storm.
16. Run Gohan! Mt. Paoz Chichi Awaits.
17. Own With No Future! A long Way to Victory.
18. The End of the Snake Road. Are You King Kaioh? .
19. Fight Against Gravity! Catch Bubbles!
20. Saiyan's Legend Revives: Goku's Ancestors
21. Come On Out, Shenron! Saiyans Finally Reach The Earth.
22. Were Saibaimen Born From Soil?
23. How Fearful Saibaimen Are! (Yamcha Dies!)
24. Good-bye Tien! ...Chiaotzu's Sacrifice Trick.
25. Tenshinhan's Last Spurt Effort
26. We'll Be Killed in Three Hours! Hurry Up, Goku!
27. Son Gokou Is Coming Closer
28. The Saiya-jin Rages! God And Piccolo Are Dead
29. Great Father! The Supreme King Kaioh's Attack
30. Triple Kaiohken Attack!
31. Vegeta's Transformation
32. You've Only Got a Chance. Will Goku Use His Fighting Spirit ball?
33. Father, Please Don't Die! This Is Son Gohan's Preserved Strength.
34. Hit Him, Kuririn! Full Of Hope To The Fighting Spirit Ball
35. Last Chance! Change Your Form Son Gohan!



DBZ Freeza Saga Japanese version is composed by episodes #36 to #107. The U.S. version is composed by episodes #27 to #92, cause some episodes have been cut and fused with other ones.


36. Let's Go To The Piccolo's Planet
37. The Mysterious Yunzabit Heights! Find God's Spaceship!
38. Let's Start for the Planet Namecc! Terror Is Waiting for Son Gohan and His Friends!
39. Friends or Enemies? Strange Children on a Large Spaceship
40. Is That True? That's Our Aim, The Planet Namecc?!
41. Kind Aliens. They Suddenly Find The Dragon Ball With Five Stars
42. The Planet Freezer No.79. Vegeta Is Revived
43. They Find All the Dragon Balls. Piccolo Is Revived
44. New Enemy
45. Amazing Power (The Ambitious Vegeta...I'm the Greatest Warrior!)
46. To The End Of Universe!
47. The Namecks Vs Freezer!
48. Death Caller, Dodoria.
49. Vegeta vs Dodoria (The Fearsome Shock of Vegeta!)
50. Son Goku's S.O.S.
51. The Warriors Gather at King Kaioh's
52. Vegeta Vs Zarbon (Listen Up Goku! Hands Off Freezer!)
53. Ugly Transformation Do Zarbon!
54. Promise with Guru! (Kuririn Powers Up!)
55. Miraculous Revival of Vegeta.
56. Who'll Laugh at The End?
57. 6 Dragon Balls & Vegeta (Goku Regains His Strength in 100G's)
58. Ginyu Force's Taken Off
59. Good Luck Bluma!
60. Bloomer is Also Desperate! Seabed is Full of Danger.
61. Here They are, Ginyu Forces.
62. The Scary Supermen Troop.
63. Super Magic or Trick?
64. Wicked, Powerful, Awful Rekuum
65. Don't Die, Gohan! Son Gokou Finally Reaches the Battlefield
66. Extraordinary Power! Legendary Super Saiyan, Son Gokou!

Captain Ginyu
67. Red and Blue Lighting. Jeice and Burter Attack Son Gokou
68. Here Appairs Captain Ginyu.
69. The Showdown to Ginyu! Son Goku, Show Him Your Real Power!
70. Future of The Battles! Freezer, the Devil, Approaches Goku!
71. Even a Dinosaur Is Surprised! Son Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Son Goku?!
72. Dragon Ball Is Finally Found Out! Imitation Goku Appeared Instead of Shenron?
73. He's Not Me! Don't Hesitate, Son Gohan! Defeat Your Father!
74. Great Miscalculation! Giniu Becomes a Frog

75. Password is Polunga! Come Out Super Shenron
76. Three Wishes Come True. Who Is Going to Get Eternal Life?
77. The Most Powerful Fighter Is Born? Nail and Piccolo United into One.
78. Is This Freezer? Transformation to a Million Fighting Power.
79. Kuririn Is Dead! Gohan Attacks Desperately in Sorrow!
80. Piccolo's Arrived.
81. Freezer's Agitation (Piccolo's Confidence: I will Defeat Freezer!)
82. Freezer's 2nd Transformation
83. I Don't Want to Save Vegeta (Be Terrified! Freezer Transforms a 3rd time!)
84. Dende's Death
85. Son Goku's Revival
86. The End of Vegeta
87. Now The Very Final Battle Begins! It's Me That Will Kill You!
88. The Two Super Power Crash! The Serious Hand to Hand Battle Begins
89. Freezer' Awful Declaration: "I'll Kill You Without Using My Hands"
90. A Bold and Fearless Guy, Goku!
91. I'm Going To Get You! An Incarnate of Fine Flame
92. A Super Big Cheer-Ball, This is The Trump Card
93. Goku's Great Ball Finally Showed Up!
94. Enormous Power of the Ball. Who Survived?
95. Transform At Last into Legendary Super Saiyan, Son Goku?
96. No More Patience! Goku Take Revenge for All!
97. Goku's Power Settles Soon
98. Unbelievable! Freezer's Full Power Overwhelms Goku
99. Go Son Goku! Shenron! Fly Through Space!
100. I Am Son of Son Goku! Gohan Returns to the Battle.
101. The Last Wish... I Will Stay On This Planet.
102. Ultimate Battle
103. Can't Stop Shaking.
104. Freezer's End.
105. Freezer Defeated. The Mighty Blow of Anger
106. Explosion of the Star Namecc
107. Son Goku Is Alive. All the Z Warriors Come Back to Life.




DBZ Garlic Jr. Saga Japanese version is composed by episodes #108 to #117. The U.S. version is composed by episodes #93 to #102.

Garlic Jr.

108. The Heaven's Tremble. Garlic Junior Will Be God.
109. Fearful Black Mist. Everybody Has Become a Devil
110. Hurry to The Palace of Devil Expecting to Get The Ultradivine Water.
111. Fight With Piccolo, Magic Flash of Anger
112. Bring Back The Real Hearth.
113. Devil's Power Growing. The Star Black Magic Closing
114. God's Life Is At Staker: the Mistery of The Holy Zone.
115. Garlic Junior's Super Trick: Dead Zone
116. Gohan's Power Explodes, Destroy Black Magic
117. Kuririn's 101st Propose; It's Tough To Be a Man



DBZ Androids Saga Japanese version is composed by episodes #118 to #139. The U.S. version is composed by episodes #103 to #124.


118. Look Dad, That's the Earth! The Freeza's Counterattack
119. I Will Defeat Freezer, a Mysterious Boy .
120. Freezer is Astonished to See Another Super Saiyan!
121. Who is This Young and Handsome Warrior?.
122. The Mysterious Boy Reveals the Truth.
123. Goku's Another Lethal Trick? Look at My Instantaneous Movement!
124. The Z Warriors Get Prepared For Battle in Three Years (I'll Surpass you Goku!! The Warrior Race Saiya-jin's King)
125. Goku Goes Through Another Ordeal

126. Cyborgs, The Cold-blooded Murderers Finally Appear
127. Watch Out Goku, Cyborgs Can Absorb Your Power
128. Goku Takes Double Punch: A Disease & Enemies
129. Vegita Wakes Up to the Blood of Super Saiyan
130. The Secret of Dr. Gelo
131. Amazing Fact Unveils: Who Are the Cyborgs?
132. Follow Dr. Gelo and Find His Lab
133. Nightmare Comes True: C-17 & C-18 Awake
134. Is It Too Late? The Ultimate Weapon To Kill Goku
135. A Cyborg With Pretty Face & Super Power: Cyborg 18 Has No Weakness
136. Even Z Warriors Can't Save The World From Cyborgs?
137. Piccolo's Resolution: Last Resort.
138. Super Weapon: Cyborgs Finally Decide In On Goku.
139. Bulma Delivers III-Omened Message.



DBZ Cell Saga Japanese version is composed by episodes #140 to #194. The U.S. version is composed by episodes #125 to #179.

Imperfect Cell

140. An Evil Egg Is Found, Trunks is Seized With Fear.
141. The Birth of the Super Namecc Against the Unheard-of Enemy.
142. Kamehame Wave? A Monster With the Spirit of Goku.
143. Detested and Destructive Cyborg Cell.
144. Piccolo Makes a Bad Mistake! Cell is Released on Town!
145. What is the Secret of Cell's Birth? What is in Laboratory Basement?!
146. Goku Returns! Will He Be Able to Exceed The Super Saiyan?
147. Take Haste With the Training to Transcend a Super Saiyan!
148. Monster Cell is Coming to Town! The Heaven Splitting Violent Light Beam! Piccolo vs Cyborg Number 17.
149. A prelude to Cell Getting Reunited.
150. Piccolo Against the Invincible Cell.
151. The Only One Remaining Hope... The SilentWarrior Number 16 Gets up!
152. He Swallowed Number 17... The Transformed Cell is a Super Gourmet.

Perfect Cell
153. I'll Pound you Tomorrow! Goku's Challenge.
154. I'll Settle Everything! The New Vejita Father and Son take off.
155. Immediately Going all Out! Vejita's Brilliant Super Power.
156. Cell kneel! I'm the Super Vejita!
157. The Dangerous Pride! The Challenge to the Complete Cell!
158. I Can't Make up My Mind! Kuririn's Maneuvering to Destroy Number 18!!!
159. A Shock to the Entire Universe! Cell's Evolution into Completeness.
160. InfiniteAttack Power! A God of Destruction Called Cell is Born.
161. Super Vejita in danger! The Completely Perfect Terror Draws Near!
162. Go Beyond the Limit of Super Saiya-jin! Trunks Calls on a Storm.
163. Save Your Father! Trunks' Anger that Scorches the Heavens.
164. The Future of Despair! The Man who Lived Through the Hell, Trunks.
165. A Weakness in Super Trunks! Cell's Very Shocking Statement.

Cell Games
166. Myth of the New World Top Martial Arts Competition.
167. Viewer Rating 100%! Live Coverage of the Deadly Cell Game.
168. Super Power of Goku and Gohan. Increase you Power to the Max.
169. Goku's Composure!? Just Rest and Wait for the Cell Game.
170. The Relaxation of the Fighters... The Girl, the Lie and Gohan's Decision.
171. The Hidden Strength! When Gohan Was a Baby.
172. Find the Kamisama! Goku, the Great Instantaneous Teleportation.
173. Dende Bring's the Dragon Ball's Back to Life.
174. Wisely snatching the Dragon Ball's. Mr. Satan Shows His Stuff.
175. Prelude to the Final Battle! Mr. Satan Is Going to Fight First...
176. Here come's Satan's Army! Mr. Satan Gets Beat in one hit...
177. Goku and Cell Square Off together...
178. Direct Hit on Earth! Cell's Kamehameha.
179. Lose or Die. Goku's Secret Turnabout Plans.
180. The End of the Desperate Struggle. Goku's Surrender!!!
181. Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest! His name is Gohan.
182. Gohan Get Mad: Release the Sleeping Power Within!
183. Small Wonders!!! Cell's Juniors Attack.
184. The Tragedy of Number 16. Super Gohan's Anger Explodes.
185. Real Power Blowup. Exploding Cell Junior's.
186. Gohan Staggers Cell with 2 Punches.
187. Cell's Perfect Body Breaks Down.
188. Bye Bye Everyone!!! Goku's Last Teleportation.
189. A Nightmare is Reborn... The Absolute Terror.
190. From Father To Son. Goku's Spirit Passed Down.
191. The Fight Is Over. Thank You? Son Goku!!!
192. I'll Be Up There. Farewell With a Smile.
193. Gohan Tells Chichi about Goku's Death. Trunks Leaving for the Future!!
194. I'll Protect the Future!!! Trunks eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell.




DBZ Majin Buu Saga Japanese version is composed by episodes #195 to #291. The U.S. version is composed by episodes #180 to #276.

Great Saiyaman

195. The Strongest in Hade's. Goku Confronts the Ginyu Force, Freezer, Cold and Cell.
196. An Assembly of Fighters from All Era's... Goku Enters Dai-Kaioh's Tournament.
197. Hold That Breath! The Goku Hurricane.
198. Goku Makes It to the Final Round. Goku VS. Paikuhan.
199. Goku vs. Paikuhan, The Battle Continues. What, Disqualification?
200. Seven Year's Since that Event!! From Now on I'm a High School Student.
201. The Debut of the Champion and Lover of Justice "The Great Saiya-man".
202. Gohan's Mixed up First Date.
203. Gohan You Must Move Quick! Save Videl...
204. A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man.
205. Goku's Resurrected as Well!! He's Coming to the Tenka-Ichi Budokai.
206. Gohan is Surprised Too. Goten's Explosive Power.
207. AHH! I Flew!! Videl Learn's to fly.
208. Welcome Back Goku! The Whole Z Team is Gathered.
209. You're in Danger Great Saiya-man!... Guard Your-self Against Camera Attacks.

World Tournament
210. Not Bad Little Trunks.
211. It's My Turn!! Goten's Nerves First Fight.
212. Pleasure a Hundred Times Over! The New Junior Champion Has Been Determined!
213. What Will You Do Mr. Satan?? The Greatest Crisis in History!!
214. An Opponent Is Drawn! Let's Start the First Match Without Delay!
215. What's Wrong Piccolo? The Impossible Non Fight...
216. Disgusting and Immortal!! The Mystery of Spopovich.
217. No Mercy For Videl. Will The Anger Bring Super Gohan?
218. Unmasked! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan.
219. A Sneaky Plan! Gohan's Power Gets Stolen.

220. The Appearance of Darkness! ! The Evil Magician Babidi...
221. A Trap in Waiting. A Challenge From the Darkside.
222. Don't Mess With Me. Vegeta's First Attack Is Filled With Anger.
223. Goku At Full Power. Take That Yakon!
224. A Huge Mistake! ! ! Satan VS. The 3 Super Warriors!?
225. The Kids Are Strong! A Tough Fight For Number 18!
226. The Debut of the King of Evil. It's Your Turn Gohan!!
227. The Heart of Evil Found. Dabura's good idea.
228. The Rebirth of Vegeta, Prince of Destruction! Confusion Enters The Ring...
229. The Fated Battle! Son Goku VS. Vegeta...
230. Wait For Us Babidi! We Won't Let You Continue Your Evil.
231. The Seal Is Broken... The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears...

Majin Buu
232. I Won't Let You Be Reborn! The Kame-Hame-Ha To Change Fate!
233. A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaiou in Despair.
234. The Terrifying Majin Buu! It's Feared That Gohan Is in the Brink of Death!!!
235. I'm Going to Eat You! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers...
236. A Warrior's Resolve!! I'm Going to Destroy Majin Buu By Myself.
237. For The Sake of My Loved One's. . . Vegita Fall's!!
238. The Nightmare Continues! Majin Buu Is Still Alive.
239. Videl's Struggle, Searching For the Dragon Ball's.
240. A Big Hope. The Kids New Ultimate Attack!
241. Goten and Trunks! The Whole World's Ordered to Find Them...
243. I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Zed Sword...
244. He's After the Western Capitol! ! ! Stop Majin Buu.
245. Oh! What a Surprise!! The Super Saiya-jin 3 Classic.
246. Bye Bye Babidi! Majin Buu Rebels...
247. Incredible Ugly!? The Special Transformation Training.
248. Bye Bye Everyone. Goku Goes Back to The After Life.
249. Where's Gohan? The Harsh Training on KaiohShin's Planet.
250. This Can't Be True! The Zed Sword Get's Broken...
251. The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks.
252. The Last Weapon Mobilized. Satan Will Save the Earth.
253. I've Given up Killing! Majin Buu's Boy Scout Pledge!!!

254. Run Away Satan! The Appearance of the Evil Majin Buu!!!
255. Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buu's.
256. The Impatient Destruction! The Extinction of Humanity...
257. The Training Was a Success! You're Finished Now Majin Buu!
258. I'm Really Going to Fight This Time! Super Gotenks Goes All Out...
259. I Did it! The Ghosts Succeeded in Defeating Majin Buu.
260. Inter Dimensional Escape! Super Gotenks 3?
261. Have We Gone Too Far? Buu Buu Volleyball...
262. Even Greater, The Remade Gohan goes To Earth...
263. He's Over Whelming Buu. Gohan's Miraculous Power.
264. Gohan Can't be Beat! Buu Self Destructs
265. Buu Commits a Foul! Gotenks is absorbed!?
266. Come Back Goku! Save the Universe.
267. One More Miracle. The Super Fusion With Gohan...
268. Fusion!! Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Anger
269. The Ultimate Power. Vegitto the Lethal Warrior!
270. The Dimension is Shattered! Is Buu Out of Control?!
271. Buu's Secret Attack!! Become Hard Candy!!
272. A Hero Loses!? Vegetto gets absorbed
273. An Evil Maze! What's inside of Buu!?
274. Is this a nightmare or an illusion!? Goku and Gohan's Father-Son Battle
275. Buu's Inner Body Experience, The Great Escape...

Kid Buu
276. Where's the Exit!!!? Escape From the Failing Buu!!
277. Good Bye Earth!!! Buu Fall's into Evil...
278. "Buu, Get Over Here!" Finish it off in KaiohShin-Ka!
279. Seize the Future! The Big Battle Over the Universe.
280. Vegeta's Hat's Off. Goku, You are Number 1.
281. "Hold on Vegeta!! A Minute Fight at The Risk of Life"
282. Don't Tease Satan!! The Original Majin Buu Returns!!!
283. Vegeta's Secret Plan!! Polunga's Two Wishes!
284. Our Last Hope! A Really Huge Genki-Dama.
285. Big Appreciation! It's Here, Everyone's Energy Ball...
286. Goku Is the Strongest After All!!! Majin Buu is Destroyed...
287. Peace Is Restored! Friend of Justice, Majin Buu!?
288. You're Late, Goku! Everyone's Partying!
289. Granpa Goku! I'm Pan!!!
290. I'm Oob. Now 10 Years Old, Formerly Majin Buu...
291. To Become Stronger! Goku's Dream is To Surpass it!!