Originale Japanese Title: Gokuu Gaiden! Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu!
English Title: Goku's Supplement! Proof of Courage is the Four-Star Dragon Ball
Japanese Release Date: March, 26th 1997

       100 years has passed since Goku defeated Bebi and the Evil Dragons. Now Pan is a gray hair granny with a little grandson: Son Goku Jr. Pan is praying on the grave of her deceased grandpa, while her little grandchild is hunting butterflies; then he joins her granny in the prayer. Later Pan tells him it's time to train, but the young Goku, who looks just like the one we all know, is very weak and inept and never does things right. Pan disapproves of this: he is so inept that all the times he plays baseball he gets home covered with bruises and scratches. Pan tries to train him, but with no results. Pan remembers all the great adventures lived by her family and she is disappointed of Goku Jr. and she doesn't know what to do. Months later, at Satan City school, Goku is playing with a Capsule Corp. pen when Pakku (the school tough boy) asks him for his help to train, 'cause Pakku knows Goku is the grandson of Pan (the granddaughter of Mr. Satan, the hero who saved the World so many times) and thinks he is very strong. Great is his disappointment when Pakku realizes Goku is useless ' cause he's too weak. He gets his revenge by stealing Goku's pen and walks away with his two friends. Months later, at Goku's home, Pan blames Goku 'cause he hasn't got back to school and Goku tries to apologize saying that those kids were too strong. She tells him he must remember the name Son (that his family's members have: Son Goku, Son Gohan...) in such situations. The pain for her grandson's weakness causes Pan a heart attack that sends her to the hospital. Here Goku asks Pan not to die, 'cause she must protect him, but she answers him she needs his courage to heal up. Crying Goku returns to his home and here he sees a picture of Pan having one of the Dragon Balls in her hands. He remembers all the stories she told him about the spheres and decides to search for them in order to save his granny. The day after, Goku prepares all he needs and meets Pakku and his friends. He tells them is going to Paozi Yama ( a bewitched mountain that is told to be infested by demons) and walks again. On his way he meets a group of mustached Oolongs who, while he's peeing, steals all his things and runs away. Goku goes and buys everything again and meets Pakku who wants to accompany him in his trip, 'cause he's bored by his life. Pakku admires Goku's courage (but he's also worried for him). They walks towards Paozi Yama, but stop to rest in an open space where Goku tells his friend about the Dragon Ballses. Goku tells he wants to collect them in order to save his granny. Pakku, realizing that Goku as a noble purpose, decides to return him his Capsule Corp. pen. But the joy suddenly stops. Two wolves appear and attack our young heroes. When everything seems to be lost, a black hair girl shows up and shoots the two wolves. She finds Pakku, but not Goku. Great is the surprise when he comes down from a 200 meters tall tree and he can't explain how he gets up there. They all go to the girl's house where Pakku thanks her for help. But the girl, once out of the two boys sighting, turns a witch and wants to eat them (just like Hansel and Gretel?). When the witch is going to kill the first one, they manage to escape, but unfortunately they fall into a deep hole. Goku tries to distract the witch telling her she was much nicer as a girl and she tells him he's right and changes again. Goku tries to escape but the witch grabs him and pulls his hair. After a tough struggle they manage to run away from a window while the witch promises she will appear again one day. They reach a bridge. Everything seems to be quite. Pakku crosses first and reaches the other side safe and sound. When Goku steps on the bridge it breaks, but Goku manages to grab one of the bridge lines. Pakku tries to help him but falls into the precipice, while Goku can do nothing to help him. Goku reaches the other side and thinks his friends is dead. He decides to continue his trip anyway. Goku reaches an open place where a puppy of bear hides itself behind him to escape from a giant frog. Goku runs away but, thinking about the puppy, takes his courage and turns back. With a branch he attacks the frog that tells him he will be its best lunch. So Goku shoots at it a kamehameha without even knowing how and gets rid of the frog. Defeated the frog, a bear appears and thanks Goku for having saved its puppy. The puppy takes Goku to the place he's looking for. They get to a Chinese style house (where Son Goku lived when he was little with his grandpa Son Gohan) and Goku Jr. thinks to find the Sphere. But the witch appears with two of her friends and tries to avoid Goku to continue his quest. But the frog recognizes him and they all run away. Then appears Yomaoh, a giant who says to be the place guardian and supreme chief. He attacks Goku but he remains astonish when he sees that Goku is not dead. He thinks he's not a normal human being, so he grabs the bear and threatens to kill it. Goku screams and turns Super Saiyan! After he defeated the giant, the evils, seeing his power, run away and Goku falls unconscious. When he wakes up, Goku reaches the house of his grand-grand-grand-grandpa and finds the Dragon Ball. He takes it and wishes Pan to heal. Nothing happens! Goku, angry because Shenron doesn't appear, throws the Sphere faraway. The Sphere stops at the feet of... SON GOKU (the old one...) who tells him this is not the right way to use it. Son Goku explains the boy who he is and remains astonish about the fact he's not practicing. Goku Jr. answers him he's not good at it, so Son Goku gets closed to him and tells him he must do it 'cause he is Son Goku, his is a family of fighters and now he must carry the name on! So they hear the noise of an helicopter. Goku sees that there is Pan on it, she healed up and there is also his friend Pakku. Goku tells him: "This happens not for the Spheres but for your courage." Goku Jr. before leaving promises to practice but Son Goku has to protect him. The speaker tells us that now Son Goku Jr. with the Sphere having the spirit of grandpa Son Gohan (Son Goku's grandfather) can think after his family. The helicopter takes off and disappears behind the mountain. The last image is old Son Goku who smiling sees the helicopter vanish.

Dragon Ball GT TV Special
Gokuu Gaiden!
Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu!

Format: Real Media
Resolution: 320 x 240 - 150 Kbps
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English

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