What is a cosplay?! Cosplay is the short form for "Costume Play" and basically it means dressing up as characters you enjoy. In Japan it is a chance for creative fans to showcase their talent and now cosplay is going to become very popular in other countries where otaku participate to costume competitions and conventions, wearing and often acting like anime/manga characters. Sometimes cosplay can be a pretty expensive hobby because, if you are a cosplayer who makes your own costume, materials and sewing machines don't come cheap and the process requires time! But even if you are a cosplayer who buys your costume from professional costume designers, maybe you have to pay large amount of money! Well if you are cosplayers and like to show the result of your works, send us your photos and we'll be very happy to publish them on Dragon Ball Arena! ^__^
So here you can find the cosplayers that we chose to host, the name of their sites (if they own one) and the image of the related character they want to look like... we think they should like to appear near their "heroes" ^^"
A special thanks to our friend Chichi (aka Kayoshin, that you just can see shown in this page while she plays-acting in Chichi costume ^^) who gave us this nice idea during a hot night of june! ^__^

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