Welcome to Dragon Ball Arena IRC chat!! ^__^
Please mantain a certain behavior, correct and educated, while you're joining the chat. Besides I will not absolutely consider myself responsible about the topic of your discussions!

You can access to Dragon Ball Arena IRC chat room by using an IRC client too. Obviously you can also use the famous mIRC, always downloadable from official site www.mirc.com. The IRC chat access parameters are written below...

server IRC: irc.azzurra.org
channel: #animenetwork

All the ones from USA and CANADA must connect through this server: irc.us.azzurra.org!!
All the ones from AUSTRALIA and ASIA must connect through this server: irc.as.azzurra.org!!

Azzurra IRC Network
Azzurra IRC Network - http://www.azzurra.org

IRCHelp > IRC Services > NickServ

NickServ allow you to register your nickname, this means that only the one who the password for that nickname can use it. The password is chosen when you register the nick.
If a nickname is not used for 40 days it will be deleted from the database.


By registering a nickname you will have full access to all the NickServe options. You can even disconetted an other user who is using your own nickname.
The password must be a sequence between 5 and 32 characters or numbers and it cannot be equal to the nickname for security reasons. It is also a good idea not to use your own name as password since it is to easy to discover.
When you register, an e-mail will be sent to your address with an authorization code in order to confirm the registration.

ATTENTION: if you do not complete the registration within 24 hours, the nick will be authomatically deleted and other users will be able to register it. So give a true address you can access to.

NB: the mail address will be NOT visible to other users through the INFO command. You can choose in the options if make the address visible. The staff will contact you just in case you loose the password or in case of abuse.

/ns REGISTER password e-mail


You have to prove to the NickServ that you are the owner of the nick you are using. Many commands work only after the identification of the nick.

/ns IDENTIFY password

NB: you can also use the command /pass password and obtain the same result.

NickServ > RECOVER

It allow you to recover your nick if someone else is using it.

NickServ will change the nick of the other user into Guest, and yours into the specific nick. You will also be automatically identify.

/ns RECOVER nick password